The bottom line: Everyone at Moore works hard to make sure you turn your passion into a paycheck. It’s our job to take your creativity seriously and prepare you not just to succeed but to lead within any industry that could benefit from your talents.

Over 97%* of surveyed 2022 BFA alumni are employed or in graduate school just one year out from graduation, across all majors. And with a Business minor included in our curriculum, our students are prepared to continue Moore’s legacy of alumni-entrepreneurs. 

"I came out of Moore with the courage to trust my creative ideas and the practical skills needed to job search. The summer internship program I did was the stepping stone for my getting full-time work in Boston after I graduated."

—THERESA HARRIS '86, Textile Design 

A Moore education is real-world problem solving including guaranteed paid internships. It’s intellectual engagement, personalized mentoring and the development of hands-on technical expertise to truly succeed professionally. It’s industry connections, global travel fellowships and on-campus resources like our Fab Lab, materials library, personal studio spaces and the Locks Career Center that starts students on their professional futures right away. 

Employment percentage based on a 83% survey response rate.

Here's How We Get You Ready for Your Career.

It's pretty simple, really—Moore provides every student with access to opportunities such as exciting internships, travel fellowships and a network of accomplished alumni and leaders in creative fields.

Moore students talking during class.

Access to Career Support for Life

Moore's Locks Career Center offers a wealth of lifelong resources, including access to the Connect Moore job bank and programs such as ROI (Resources. Opportunities. Inspiration.), a program to support budding alumni and student entrepreneurs.

Fashion design student working in the studio

100%of BFA students across all majors earn paid internships!

Moore is the only art and design college that provides a $1,000 paid internship for every student—many of which open doors to future opportunities.

Photo from student fellowship trip to Iceland.

The Chance to Take on the World

We offer competitive, merit-based leadership and travel fellowships every year for students who want to explore and reevaluate their personal, artistic and academic goal. It's a chance do some real-world learning outside of the classroom, and the opportunity of a lifetime!

Student and professor discussing an interior design project

97%of our 2022 BFA Alumni are employed or in graduate school just one year out from graduation!*

* Employment percentage based on a 83% survey response rate.

Get in touch with our Locks Career Center to learn more about how they can help you during and after your time at Moore at!