Join a culture of inclusion, warmth, support and inspiration. Buzzwords? Yes. Accurate about Moore? Absolutely. Taking the creative risks to push boundaries and excel requires respect, trust and support. You'll get those things every day from your peers, faculty and Moore's staff, which will help you carve out a path to career success and personal and artistic growth.

"Moore gave me something that other schools didn't: a sense of knowing. The people here know what they want, what they’re after, and I wanted to be in a place where we all want to become artists and designers and change our industries."

—CHRISTA FAAS '21, Graphic Design

Students choose Moore so they can work closely with our award-winning faculty. They learn from and collaborate with visiting artists through The Galleries at Moore and become part of Philadelphia's active and vibrant creative community. In this personalized environment, we open pathways for truly exceptional careers in art, design and arts education.

It's also easy to design your own path at Moore. In addition to choosing your major—and maybe a minor, too—you'll pursue individualized experiences from the clubs you join to the summer internship you land, and maybe even the global travel opportunities you discover. You'll have tons of public programs and events to attend, and you can pick and choose what interests you, from performance art to poetry readings and wellness workshops. Our Student Affairs team also produces annual events that provide students with outlets for creativity outside of the classroom—like the Halloween lunch, where students create their own costumes and compete for prizes! (We take Halloween very seriously.)

Along the way, you'll receive one-on-one, personalized mentorship from Moore's Student Affairs staff and your faculty, thanks to our 7:1 student-to-faculty ratio. The city of Philadelphia is also right at your fingertips, with countless paths for exploration. No single student journey is ever quite the same as another.

"I've fallen in love with the community at Moore. Having a smaller number of students allows for more meaningful interaction with professors and peers." 

—CARLY WATERS '23, Illustration

We're not going to sugarcoat it: The coursework at Moore isn’t easy. But the years you spend at Moore will be some of the best of your life, thanks to the ethos of acceptance and encouragement that permeates our community, our beautiful urban campus and our culturally rich surroundings, the customizable journey that awaits you and the lifelong friends you'll meet along the way.

Join a club—or join two! Enjoy the campus. Absorb life and culture in Philadelphia. Find your people. At Moore, it's all here, waiting for you.

Let's Break It Down.

Academics are important but we know the college experience is also about your day-to-day life: where you'll hang out with your new friends, what restaurants you'll try, what activities and events you'll attend and, of course, where you'll be sleeping and doing your laundry! We guarantee you'll love everyday life at Moore.

Campus Life

Everything from your dorm room to where you can go to go to get your occasional Frappuccino fix. We'll tell you about how to get around campus and what it's like to live in our residence halls.

Inclusivity & Support

We're committed to providing and always improving upon a supportive, inclusive, diverse and equitable campus environment for all Moore students.

Health, Wellness & Safety

Throughout your time at Moore, we’re here to help support you manage your physical and mental health through programming and services, and to provide a safe campus environment.

Innovative City

Right outside our doors is the city of Philadelphia. Take advantage of it! Art and culture is everywhere, and you'll never have to go to the same restaurant twice—unless you want to, of course.

Connelly Library

You'll spend a lot of your time at Moore in our beautiful, newly renovated Connelly Library! Enjoy the views of Aviator Park, access the Margaret Minik Writers Studio, and geek out over our massive collection of art and design books, periodicals and other resources.