At Moore, we believe that a laptop computer is an essential tool to prepare students for careers in art and design. Therefore, Moore requires that all new BFA and Graduate students own a laptop computer prior to the start of fall classes.

(Please note that Chromebooks and other tablet devices, such as an iPad, are not compatible with software requirements and should not be used in place of a laptop.)

Moore recommends that most students purchase an Apple computer laptop, the preferred tool of most artists and designers.

For students intending to major in Interior Design, please find technology requirements here.

Students intending to major in Animation & Game Arts may choose a ThinkPad (PC) or an Apple computer laptop. (An Apple laptop for AGA majors must have an M1 or M2 processor, no MacBook Airs or tablets).

Be sure that the software you purchase is the correct version for your platform (Apple or PC). While many Windows PC laptops come with a three-year service/support contract, Apple laptops do not. Moore highly recommends purchasing an Apple Care three year service/support contact if you are purchasing an Apple laptop.

Hardware Recommendations & Additional Info

Software Information

All students are provided with Office 365 and a free membership to Adobe Creative Cloud. All students will be required to have Antivirus software. There may be additional software requirements for each major.