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Academic Advising

In addition to consulting with their Department Chair, BFA students should meet with the Academic Advisor prior to course registration. The Academic Advisor is available to advise about choice of major/minor, departmental course requirements, program status/graduation requirements, electives in Studio Arts and Creative & Critical Studies, and off-campus study. The Academic Advisor also pre-authorizes transfer credits for courses taken outside Moore.

Connelly Library

Relax, read and research your way through a 50,000+ piece collection of journals, art books, magazines and archival materials in our completely redesigned 21st-century library, open to all students and featuring extensive online access to resources from around the world.

Locks Career Center

Experienced Career Center staff provide resume advice and career coaching, assistance in internship preparation, help with networking skills and job searches, access to valuable career information and resources, and exposure to industry best practices to ensure their professional development as artists and designers, and enhance and improve their employment opportunities.

Margaret Minik Writers Studio

The Margaret Minik Writers Studio is dedicated to promoting excellence in writing at Moore. As a writing center offering academic assistance through peer tutoring and resources in all aspects and types of writing, we support all BFA and Graduate students in developing communication skills essential for success in their careers in art and design.

Peer Tutoring

If you find that you could use some extra help in one of your studio classes, the Writing Coordinator can connect you with a peer tutor. Simply complete the Peer Tutor Request Form (available in hard copy both at the end of the Student Affairs hallway and in the Writing Coordinator’s office) and submit the completed form to the Writing Coordinator.

Peer tutoring is a great way to refresh your studio skills, build your teaching skills, and add relevant experience to your résumé.

Bridge to Success Program

The Bridge to Success Program is designed to help “bridge,” or ease, the transition from high school to college. Through this program Moore offers individualized support to a small number of students, as well as early opportunities to acclimate to college life and prepare for college-level work. In this program, students will focus on skills such as time management and long-term planning; they’ll be introduced to on-campus resources and receive peer mentors and a staff coach. Students are individually invited into this program upon first year admittance.

ADA Accomodations

Students who believe they are eligible for course accommodations under the ADA or Section 504 or who have had accommodations or modifications in the past, should contact Academic Services at ‪215.965.4062 or email academicservices@moore.edu. The Academic Services Coordinator will explain the College’s procedures for documenting disabilities and making reasonable accommodations and will help the student take the necessary steps to arrange for appropriate accommodations and to obtain an accommodations letter, if applicable. See Accommodations Policy in the Academic Resources section of the Student Handbook for further details.
Once the accommodations have been documented and approved, students should contact their faculty privately and in a timely manner to discuss the most effective methods to implement the accommodations. Faculty can provide course accommodations/modifications only after receipt of an approved accommodations letter from Academic Services. Accommodation letters can be provided to qualified students at any time during the semester, but grades earned before the faculty member receives the letter cannot be changed.

Request disability services here.