Moore is a shaper and leader of creative thought and impact in art, design and industry—and it shows, given the leaders that study, work and excel in our widespread community.

We are the definition of "movers and shakers" when it comes to the creative fields. Our BFA and Graduate Studies program alumni and faculty advance the making, scholarship and education of art and design. Our Continuing Education programs are a magnet for career changers and creative professionals who want new skills and enhanced credentials. With our own public and dedicated space for contemporary art—The Galleries at Moore—we give students and alumni various  exhibition opportunities and bring important artists to Philadelphia, to foster meaningful connection with our campus community and the public, and to inspire an appreciation for art and design as a vital force in contemporary culture.  

What you find at Moore is a community of original thinkers who are smart, kind, driven and talented—students, alumni, faculty and staff who thrive and break new ground in the fields of their choosing. 

"I don’t feel like I chose an [historically] all-women college—I feel like it chose me. Which I am forever grateful for. During those years, I was able to witness and learn from so many women in leadership roles who were working together to build a greater community of women. I learned to be more independent, stand by what I say, listen and execute."


—EBONY H. FLAG '08, Illustration