Moore offers students the opportunity to compete for fellowships and scholarships that will support them financially as they enhance their skills. A $1,000 Internship Fellowship is provided to all juniors completing their required internship.

There are three summer leadership fellowships for sophomores or juniors:

  • The Frieda Fehrenbacher Women's Leadership Fellowship for $2,500
  • The Tiffany & Co Foundation Leadership Fellowship for $1,250
  • The Sis Grenald Women's Leadership Fellowship for $2,500

Competing students submit written proposals to work on projects that will help them develop personal qualities or skill sets useful to leaders or that will allow them to work with an innovative individual or organization. These experiences expand the opportunities at Moore to cultivate leadership skills in the classroom and in student organizations.

There are four summer fellowships for juniors designed to expand students’ artistic horizons outside of the classroom. Two of them are designated for international travel:

  • The Frieda Fehrenbacher International Travel Fellowship for $2,500

  • The Sis Grenald International Travel Fellowship for $2,500

For the remaining two, travel is encouraged, but not required:

  • The Sarah Peter Fellowship for $1,750

  • The Harriet Sartain Fellowship for $1,250

Students compete for all four fellowships in the spring of each academic year by writing a proposal outlining how the fellowship will support the development of their work and by installing a selection of their work in the Paley Gallery.

These prizes are awarded on the basis of merit alone. The selection processes may include initial screenings by departmental faculty or internal committees. The winners are chosen by outside jurors, who are regional experts in their fields. All of these opportunities are designed to help women artists bridge the gap between the world of education and the world of work.