Ever wish your affinity for art and design could actually become a career? That you could be seen as creative and professional? That's the kind of future we help our students shape for themselves.

Hi! We're Moore College of Art & Design. Founded during the original industrial revolution to advance women in new fields, we remain the first and only historically all-women’s college for art and design. Our mission is more relevant than ever, as technology, sustainability and diverse cultures drive and disrupt new and existing industries. Today, we welcome women and nonbinary students seeking an immersive, rigorous and dynamic education in art and design that will catapult them into the careers of their dreams.

Moore is located in the cultural hotbed of Philadelphia and situated in the heart of the city's  world-renowned museum district. Our locale puts you at the center of of it all, with countless opportunities to explore the arts and culture scene while making progress with your own artwork and informing your academic pursuits. According to The Economist ’s study “The Value of University: Our First-ever College Rankings,” Moore College of Art & Design:

  • Ranks #1 in Pennsylvania in overall performance for adding value among art and design colleges and universities;

  • Ranks #3 in the U.S. among art and design colleges and universities in overall performance for adding value;

  • AND ranks #83 nationwide among the 1,275 higher education institutions included in the study!

  • PLUS: 100% of students receive scholarships. Learn more about our esteemed Visionary Honors Program and scholarship opportunities.

Moore College of Art & Design is a community that is committed to providing personalized attention in a friendly learning environment where every student is a valued member of our community. Students are free to explore their creativity while pursuing a comprehensive academic program in a beautiful, inspiring campus setting. At Moore, everyone is empowered to work hard and discover their own creative voice.

We are also the only art and design college in the U.S. that guarantees paid internships for all students in all majors. We are dedicated to preparing students for inspiring careers in art and design. Moore’s strong network of accomplished alumnae and dedicated staff are ready to inspire and support you while you pursue your passions and achieve your goals.

"Moore is special because it inspires artists to grow their own style, taste and technical knowledge of art without limiting creativity nor encouraging uniformity."

—Brianna Danchenko '22, Illustration 

Come see for yourself! There are lots of in-person and virtual opportunities to visit campus, including open houses, campus tours, portfolio prep workshops, class visits and Moore Student for a Day. Tell us what you want to see, and we’ll customize your experience.


Sign up and reserve your spot for one of our upcoming campus tours! These student-led campus tours are approximately 1 hour. You are invited to meet your admissions counselor after the tour to discuss any questions you might have and get your portfolio reviewed. When you arrive to campus, please enter through the main entrance and let the front desk know you are here to see Admissions. They will call and we will come greet you.

Moore is a special place for exceptionally talented and special students. We hope that you're ready to become part of our community of artists, designers, teachers, dreamers, doers and makers.


Founded in 1848 under the mission to expand women’s access to higher education, Moore College of Art & Design offers a women’s college experience. Undergraduate admission is open to otherwise qualified applicants: (i) assigned female at birth; or (ii) who self-identify as women, trans women, nonbinary, or gender nonconforming individuals, at the time of application. This policy will apply to applicants to be considered for enrollment for the 2021–22 academic year and beyond.

Adopted by Moore's Board of Trustees & Managers, May 5, 2020

Get the Facts on BFA

Fine art student working on a clay project

100%of BFA students receive some form of financial assistance

Whether that assistance comes in the form of scholarships, grants or additional awards, qualified students can focus on earning their degrees without excessive concern over how to fund their educations.

Student and professor discussing an interior design project

97%of our 2022 BFA Alumni are employed or in graduate school just one year out from graduation!*

* Employment percentage based on a 83% survey response rate.

Fashion design student working in the studio

100%of BFA students across all majors earn paid internships!

Moore is the only art and design college that provides a $1,000 paid internship for every student—many of which open doors to future opportunities.

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