— by Gabi Stevenson, Communications Manager
Savannah Vetter’s Superpowers:
  1. I’m meticulous. I have a great eye for detail. I pay close attention to the smaller details and have everything organized absolutely perfectly!
  2. I’m passionate. I am super passionate in all aspects of my life. I take care of the people around me, as well as the jobs and activities I do. My passion is what drives my life!
  3. I’m a visionary. I have huge ideas and ambitions and I strive to achieve them!

Savannah Vetter ’20 was ready to get her hands dirty. After graduating from Moore’s Fine Arts program in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, she started working at a TD Bank in Philadelphia as well as the Ceramic Shop, a ceramics supply store in Norristown, PA.

One day, she received an email from Asuka Goto, department chair and associate professor of Fine Arts, who often sends her former students job opportunities after graduation. A listing for a production technician role at artisanal ceramics manufacturer Felt + Fat stuck out to Vetter. She applied and landed the job in 2022.

“Once I saw the Felt + Fat opportunity and knew that I’d actually be able to go back to making so consistently, it was a big relief,” Vetter said.

As she continued in her new role, she worked on new skills like slip casting and trimming, bouncing between whichever teams needed her most. After a year, she was promoted to slip casting lead, a role that sees her working on specialty projects, testing new molds and leading a team of Felt + Fat employees.

“I feel like I’m improving my ceramics every day. I was able to learn a lot more about quality and perfecting it after moving into this job,” she said. “I also really love that I’ve been surrounded by other amazing artists. Learning from them personally about their backgrounds and bodies of work, and learning from them about the broader art community is fantastic. It’s a community where everybody builds a really strong connection in their own ways.”

Now that she’s well into her career in ceramics, Vetter credits Moore’s curriculum and faculty feedback with preparing her to work in production.

“It’s good to keep the structure from college in mind—making work consistently and always stepping back to make sure everything is up to par and able to be sold,” she said. “I’m able to critique myself, and I know how to take my artwork to the next level.”

Vetter keeps these ideals in mind as she works on her own projects under the name Misfortune’s Grimoire. She’s currently working on ceramic pieces and dabbling in new media like gouache paintings and taxidermy insects.
Seeking her first professional opportunity in the midst of a major global event taught Vetter patience—something she thinks all Moore students should practice.

“Opportunities will always come along, even if it doesn’t feel like it immediately. Even if it feels like you won’t be able to find that perfect job or you’re not looking for it at that moment, it will come to you,” she said. “Don’t pressure yourself and don’t stress yourself out. Just relax, breathe and be positive, because things will come your way.”

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Artwork by Savannah Vetter ’20.