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Internship Information for Juniors

The Locks Career Center is here to support as you search for and complete your summer internship. Please see the internship guidebook, procedures, resources to support your search, and more here.

Employers Interested in Providing Summer Internship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in providing internship opportunities to the students at Moore College of Art and Design.  Students are required to complete an internship during the summer between their junior and senior years.  Your internship participation will provide students with the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience and training within their chosen field.  We appreciate your dedication to commitment to Moore.

  • Moore requires students to fulfill 200-240* hours for internship credit.
  • Moore requires all internship hosts to fill out and sign an internship contract, via DocuSign, submitted to you, the internship host, by the Locks Career Center (not submitted by the student), which specifies start and end dates of the internship, the hours commitment, intern responsibilities and tasks, and stipulations around compensation.
  • Moore will not usually sign a third party agreement but may accept a copy of a company’s or organization’s own internship contract. This is only acceptable for PAID internships and typically are offered only by companies or organization with 25 or more employees. Substitution of contract forms will only be done on a case by case basis in consultation with the Locks Career Center, faculty and department chair.
  • Moore requests internship hosts be available for a mid-point check halfway through the internship. This is conducted via email and is a brief list of questions to be sure there are no red flags or need for intervention.
  • Moore requires all internship hosts fill out a final evaluation, via Survey Monkey, at the completion of the terms of the internship, which will count toward 30% of the student’s academic grade.
  • Moore requests all internship hosts communicate with the Locks Career Center staff prior to any termination of an internship or adjustment to the agreed upon timeline.
  • Please post your opportunity on the career center portal Connect Moore.  Registration is free and posting instructions are provided below.
Employer Registration Instructions for Connect Moore
  • Step 1. Go to Connect Moore
  • Step 2. Step 2. Click on “Join Your Community”
  • Step 3. You can register by clicking on the “Email” icon
  • Step 4. Click on the green “Create Account” icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Step 5. Once you are in Connect Moore system click on the “Opportunities” icon in the top left-hand corner
  • Step 6. Click on “Explore Jobs,” “Share Opportunity (mid-right of the page)” then “Hire”
  • Step 7. Complete all fields and I will approve your job shortly

For more information regarding hosting a summer intern, please contact Shakeyia Kersey at or 215-965-4010.  Thank you.

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Our experienced Career Center staff provide resume advice and career coaching, assistance in internship preparation, help with networking skills and job searches, access to valuable career information and resources, and exposure to industry best practices to ensure their professional development as artists and designers, and enhance and improve their employment opportunities.

To promote a job, internship or other opportunity for Moore students and/or alumni, please register as a friend of the College on Connect Moore.

For other inquiries, please contact the Director of the Locks Career Center, Shakeyia Kersey:

Shakeyia Kersey

Director of the Locks Career Center
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