2024 Alumni Biennial Juried Exhibition

The Galleries at Moore is pleased to present the 2024 Alumni Biennial Juried Exhibition, on view June 15 to August 30, 2024.

Key Dates

Submissions Open | March 4
Submissions Close | April 8
Notification of Selection | Early May
Work to Gallery | May 20 – 24 and May 28 – 30 
Opening Reception  |  June 14
Exhibition on View | June 15 – August 30 (closed for Labor Day weekend)
Closing Reception & Distinguished Alumni Award Ceremony | August 23
Pick Up Work | September 5 – 6 and September 9 – 12

Meet Our Juror

Ann Hawkins pursued her passion for graphic design at Carnegie Mellon University, where she received guidance from influential mentors like Arnold Bank, Hermann Zapf and Jack Stauffacher, refining her skills in calligraphy, letter design, and printing techniques.

While raising her two children, Ann's dedication to design never wavered. She deepened her expertise in calligraphy through classes with Sheila Waters and participation in workshops organized by the Washington Calligraphers Guild.

A turning point in Ann's career came when she studied under John Benson, whose endorsement opened doors to prestigious opportunities, including a commission at the National Gallery of Art. Her first project, carving Benson's layout for the Patron’s Inscription, marked the beginning of a three-decade journey shaping spaces like the Supreme Court, Library of Congress and National Cathedral with her distinctive lettering.

Ann's portfolio spans a breadth of projects, from memorial designs like the Japanese American and Korean Memorials to custom gravestones, showcasing her versatility and enduring commitment to her craft.

2024 Alumni Awards

The Alumni Exhibition Closing Ceremony honors and recognizes our Fitzgibbon Alumni Prize winner and Distinguished Alumni Award honorees.

Fitzgibbon Endowed Alumni Prize

The Fitzgibbon Endowed Alumni Prize was established in honor of Cecelia Fitzgibbon, who served as the 10th President of the College. Each year, Moore alumni are invited to submit an original essay or poem in response to the prompt, “What Moore means to me," to be eligible for a cash prize of up to $5,000. This year’s recipient is invited to share their winning essay during the Alumni Exhibition Closing Reception & Award Ceremony on Friday, August 23, 2024.


  • All Moore alumni are invited to submit an essay or poem.
  • Submissions must address the prompt “What Moore means to me.” Essays should not exceed 750 words and poems should not exceed one single-spaced page.
  • All entries must be received on or before 11:59 pm EST, Tuesday, April 30.

Key Dates

Submissions Open | April 8
Submissions Close | April 30
Notification of Selection | Mid-July
Closing Reception & Distinguished Alumni Award Ceremony | August 23

Click here to submit your essay or poem.

2023 Fitzgibbon Prize Winner

Veronica Hicks MA ’13, Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations is an art teacher, arts-based researcher, and comics author who explores themes of gender, race, and ability through narrative inquiry and collaborative art-making. Veronica advocates for art students from diverse populations as past lead commissioner for California Art Education Association’s Equity Diversity and Inclusion Commission, and was awarded Special Needs Art Educator of the Year from the National Art Education Association (NAEA). Veronica is now the Chair of Alternative Publications as part of the NAEA History and Historiography in Art Education (HHAE) Interest Group, where she reviews self- or independently-published zines and underground comix.

Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Distinguished Alumni Awards recognize the professional achievements of Moore alumni, their commitment to the College, and their accomplishments in the field of visual arts.

Selection Criteria

In selecting award recipients, the following criteria are ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 by the selection committee:

  • The nominee must have demonstrated and been recognized for significant professional accomplishments in their chosen field.
  • The nominee must show participation in civic and service groups for the betterment of their community.
  • The nominee must have helped advance the mission of the College by actively participating in initiatives that promote creative expression, entrepreneurial spirit, and community engagement.

Nomination Procedure

Nominations must be made and signed by an alum and include the following:

  • Contact Information: Please include your name, title, address, phone, and e-mail along with the contact information for the nominee.
  • Descriptive Report: A detailed report describing the nominee's contributions, as outlined in the selection criteria. This report should not exceed 750 words and should provide a comprehensive overview of the nominee's achievements, highlighting their alignment with Moore’s mission.
  • Supporting Documents: Please include three supporting documents, such as letters of support from colleagues or community leaders, press releases, or news articles. These documents should further substantiate the nominee's contributions and provide additional context for their impact within the Moore community and beyond.
  • Deadline: All nominations must be received on or before 11:59 pm EST, Tuesday, April 30.

Key Dates

Submissions Open | April 8
Submissions Close | April 30
Notification of Selection | Mid-July
Closing Reception & Distinguished Alumni Award Ceremony | August 23

Click here to submit your nomination.

2023 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

Ann Marie Miller ’75 is Director of Advocacy & Public Policy for the ArtPride NJ Foundation and served as its Executive Director for 20 years. Prior to joining ArtPride, Ann Marie was Director of Development at McCarter Theatre, a Tony-award winning regional theatre and performing arts center, and Grants Coordinator at the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. Ann Marie is Chair of the Arts Ed New Jersey board and serves as a trustee for Young Audiences of NJ & Eastern PA. She is also Chair of the Hightstown Cultural Arts Commission in her hometown. A recipient of the 2015 Alene Valkanas State Arts Advocacy Award from Americans for the Arts, Ann Marie is a graduate of Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia with a B.S. in Art Education. A fiber artist working primarily in tapestry, Ann Marie has exhibited at museums and galleries throughout New Jersey and the metropolitan region.

Darla Jackson ’03 is a sculptor living in Philadelphia and received a BFA in Sculpture from Moore College of Art in 2003. After receiving a John S. and James L. Knight Arts Challenge Grant in both 2011 and 2013, she founded the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, a membership based community sculpture studio.

Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions locally, including galleries and museums such as the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Seraphin Gallery, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Woodmere Art Museum and a Wind Challenge exhibition at the Fleisher Art Memorial and across the country at museums and galleries such as the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA, Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, CA, Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts in Wilmington, DE and Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ. She has shown internationally in Belgium and Germany and has lectured about her work at venues including the Barnes Foundation and Wagner Free Institute of Science. Jackson is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and teaches Sculpture workshops across the country. She is also an elected Sculptor member of the National Sculpture Society, and serves on its Honors and Awards Committee. In 2021, she joined the board of Philadelphia Sculptors. In 2023, Darla was appointed to the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee as the member specifically qualified in sculpture or medallic arts.

Distinguished Alumni

Award Recipients by Year; Includes Undergraduate Major or CE Certificate

  • Beatrice Kirkbride ’28 | Fashion Illustration
  • Chiarina Tredanari ’40 | Illustration
  • Clara MacKannan ’28 | Illustration
  • Edith Kaplan ’41 | Graphic Design
  • Estate of Mary Schwarz ’42 | Illustration
  • Ida Dengrove ’40 | Graphic Design
  • Janice Levit ’38 | Art Education Certification
  • Kathryn Leslie ’38 | Textile Design
  • Kathryn Van Roekens ’20 | Unknown Degree and Curriculum
  • M. Tana Hoban ’38 | Illustration
  • Mellicent Allen ’45 | Painting
  • Mildred Greenberg ’34 | Unknown Degree and Curriculum
  • Miriam Troop ’38 | Illustration
  • Professor Louise Stahl ’42 | Art Education
  • Ruth Gilbert ’30 | Art Education Certification
  • Theresa Bernstein ’11 | Unknown Degree and Curriculum
  • Vita Solomon ’37 | Illustration
  • Anna Russell Jones ’22 | Design

  • Betty Bowes ’32 | Illustration
  • Gladys Bloch ’35 | Illustration
  • Katharine Renninger ’46 | Painting
  • Phyllis Beck ’40 | Art Education

  • Anna Eshom ’41 | Art Education Certification
  • Berta Sands ’37 | Illustration
  • Carolyn Pitts ’47 | Interior Design
  • Katherine Pitchford ’38 | Unknown Degree and Curriculum
  • Lillian Molloy ’40 | Art Education Certification
  • Mary Burgess ’35 | Fine Arts - Two Dimensional
  • Mary Fuges ’38 | Illustration
  • Mary Hallowell ’43 | Interior Design
  • Rose Kirkpatrick ’44 | Fashion Illustration
  • Sylvia Barkan ’37 | Graphic Design

  • Harriette Bescoe ’57 | Art Education Certification
  • Helen Bershad ’56 | Painting
  • Jane Fulton ’56 | Textile Design
  • Margo Allman ’55 | Unknown Degree and Curriculum
  • Mildred Ivins ’53 | Fashion Illustration
  • Nancy Bergman ’52 | Art Education Certification
  • Rose Finkel ’57 | Graphic Design
  • Ruth Peckmann ’54 | Illustration

  • Deborah Larkin ’70 | Graphic Design
  • Deborah Warner ’69 | Art Education Certification
  • Gretchen Wheaton ’70 | Photography
  • Lynne Horoschak ’66 | Art Education Certification
  • Peg Gorson ’59 | Textile Design

  • Frances Robertson Graham ’66 | Interior Design
  • Hollis Hatton ’70 | Graphic Design
  • Louise Curl Adams ’62 ’76 | Textile Design
  • Mary Judge ’75 | Painting
  • Sharon Wohlmuth Teacher ’75 | Photography

  • Ann Marie Stiliha ’72 | Art Education
  • Betsy Miraglia ’66 | Advertising Design
  • Ms. Carol Porter ’71 | Graphic Design

  • Beth Reinhardt Emmott ’66 | Graphic Design
  • Maggy Gay Robinson ’68 | Graphic Design
  • Teresa DeFazio ’63 | Painting

  • Diane Keller ’71 | Painting
  • Kathleen Lister ’78 | Graphic Design
  • Pauline Monson ’78 | Graphic Design

  • Eleanor Schimmel ’84 | Painting
  • Rochelle Levy ’79 | Painting
  • Sarah Frank ’81 | Textile Design

  • Jane Likens ’66 | Fashion Design
  • Janie Gross ’74 | Advertising Design
  • Polly Smith ’71 | Fashion Design

  • Carolyn Simons ’78 | Interior Design
  • Mindy Glassman ’72 | Graphic Design

  • Arlene Finston ’56 | Textile Design
  • Eileen Coyne ’70 | Textile Design
  • Joanne Adams ’74 | Graphic Design

  • Debra Sachs ’75 | Painting
  • Jane Walentas ’66 | Advertising Design

  • Pamela Deitrich ’70 | Illustration
  • Shirley Luber ’47 | Fashion Illustration

  • Karen Daroff ’70 | Interior Design
  • Marsha Braverman ’74 | Graphic Design
  • Sheila Letven ’56 | Textile Design

  • Longina Rossi ’70 | Graphic Design
  • Margie Palatini ’72 | Graphic Design
  • Mary Lou Ford-Dallam ’66 | Art Education Certification

  • Emily Bittenbender ’89 | Interior Design
  • Gail Bracegirdle ’65 | Textile Design
  • Gail Gaines ’89 | Fashion Design

  • Anne Occi ’77 | Illustration
  • Heather Bryson ’92 | Sculpture
  • Roslyn Pilla ’92 | Graphic Design

  • Jill Kerwick ’78 | Illustration
  • Mona Brody ’72 | Printmaking

  • Deborah West ’92 | Art Education Certification
  • Janet Biggs ’81 | Sculpture

  • Carol Durham ’65 | Art Education Certification
  • Tula Telfair ’84 | Painting

  • Harshita Lohia ’02 | Textile Design
  • Janice Merendino ’74 | Ceramics

  • Dale Najarian ’88 | Graphic Design
  • Susan Sommer ’72 | Painting

  • Kathleen Vissar ’80 | Ceramics
  • Kia Weatherspoon ’10 | Interior Design

  • e bond ’96 | Graphic Design & Art History 
  • Janell Wysock ’04 | Textile Design, Fashion and Art History
  • Dom Streater ’10 | Fashion

  • Robin Dintiman ’72 | Textile Design
  • Betsy Casanas ’00 | Fine Arts - Two Dimensional

  • Ann Marie Miller ’75 | Art Education
  • Darla Jackson ’03 | Fine Arts

How to Give Back

Giving back is one of the many ways we encourage you to stay connected to the wider Moore community. As alums, you have a firsthand understanding of what makes the Moore experience so special, and worth supporting. No matter how you choose you give, you're making a direct and meaningful impact.