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Request for Disability Services

The College has a Disability Committee. Students requesting disability accommodations for physical, psychiatric, learning disability, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder should fill out the form below and click submit. Academic Services will complete the form and send the student appropriate forms for documenting their disability. Initial documentation of a disability must be provided at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which accommodations are requested or as soon thereafter as the student becomes aware that she has a disability. Students should return their documentation to Lulu Dewey, Coordinator of Academic Support Services.

All documentation must be provided to the Disability Committee on professional letterhead and contain the dates of assessment, signatures, titles and license/certification numbers of the diagnosing professionals, who must be trained and qualified professionals in the relevant fields. As a general rule, a note from a general practitioner may not be adequate. Because reasonable accommodations and services are based upon assessment of the current impact of the student’s disability, it is necessary to provide recent and appropriate documentation. In most cases, this means that a diagnostic evaluation must have been completed within the past 3 years for ADD/ADHD, and 5 years for all other disabilities. Documentation that exceeds the time limit may be considered if the previous assessment is applicable to the current or anticipated setting.

Students who are submitting documentation for a disability should then follow up by contacting Lulu Dewey at the beginning of each semester to arrange for appropriate accommodations memos to be sent to their faculty. Lulu Dewey's office is located in Stahl Hall 107. She can be reached by email at academicservices@moore.edu or by phone at 215.965.4062.

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