Withdrawal from the College

A student who intends to withdraw from the College must fill out a withdrawal form through the Registrar and speak to Academic Services. All appropriate signatures must be obtained for the withdrawal to be processed.

If a student registers and then decides to withdraw, it is imperative that they notify the Registrar in writing prior to the start of the term. Students who withdraw without following this procedure will be considered to have withdrawn unofficially. A student who withdraws officially or unofficially while on probation is not in good standing, and this will be noted on the student’s transcript. A student who withdraws officially or unofficially when they are subject to dismissal will have a dismissal recorded on their transcript. When a student withdraws from the College, the following departments listed on the Withdrawal Form should be seen by the student, which may include: the Business Office, Financial Aid, Library, Residence Life and Housing, and Academic Services. Students may see the Business Office or Financial Aid to inquire if a refund of tuition/fees, room/board is due. Refunds will be granted in accordance with the refund schedule.

Leaves of Absence from the College

There are various types of leaves of absence from the College that students may take or may be required to take:

Voluntary Leaves
A student may take a leave of no less than one and no more than two semesters. To do so, they must pick up the appropriate form from the Registrar’s Office and meet with staff in the offices listed on the form.

Mandated Academic Leaves
A student may be required to take a leave of absence by the Academic Standards Committee (Academic Probation).

Mandated Medical Leaves
The Dean of Students may require a student to take a medical leave of absence under the provisions in the Medical Leave of Absence policy outlined in the College Policies section of the Student Handbook.

A student absent for two consecutive semesters without consulting the Academic Advisor or Dean of Students shall be automatically withdrawn from the College. To return to the College, the student shall consult with the Academic Advisor, the department chair and the Dean of Students no later than one month prior to the opening of the semester of return. to allow adequate time for working out an appropriate schedule based on course and space availability. For purposes on Title IV, HEA program loan borrower, an institution does not have to treat a leave of absence as a withdrawal if it is an approved leave of absence. An approved student loan leave of absence must not exceed 180 days in any 12 month period. The number of days in a leave of absence is counted beginning with the first day of the student's initial leave of absence in a 12 month period. If a student does not resume attendance at the institution at or before the end of a leave of absence, the institution must treat the student as a withdrawal in accordance with CFR 668.22(d).

Re-admission for Service Members (Military)

A military service member or veteran who leaves the College in order to perform active military service will be admitted with the same academic status the student had when last in attendance. However, the length of the absence for these students cannot exceed five years.