175 Years of Changing the Game 

From the President

Moore President Cathy Young175. It’s a number that’s difficult to fathom when you think of it in terms of years, and even more impressive when you pause to assess just how much the world has changed over nearly two centuries. When Sarah Peter founded the Philadelphia School of Design for Women in 1848, her goal was to help women secure jobs in burgeoning industries, in order to support themselves and their families. It was, at the time, a radical idea to educate women to work and to champion their talent, independence and success.

Moore College of Art & Design upholds this bold legacy today, preparing historically underrepresented populations to thrive in creative fields, within a globally connected marketplace that offers more opportunity than ever for those who have the tools and the know-how to succeed. We push the envelope with everything we do for our students, taking inspiration directly from their achievements, and we prepare them for future careers where they will shine—in technology, business, game design, branding, healthcare, fashion, education, user experience and film, just to name a few. Our mission of providing opportunity and access for marginalized voices, which was so revolutionary 175 years ago, continues to resonate and attract new talent to our community.

This year, we celebrate a milestone in our history and the people who have shaped Moore’s outstanding legacy. For 175 years, Moore alumni have gone on to become innovators, entrepreneurs and pioneers, harnessing the skills they learned here to change the world. Buoyed during their time at Moore by the support of their peers and faculty, they take their talents to the next level after graduation and make huge splashes in their chosen industries. In a world where the voices and contributions of women and gender-nonconforming individuals are so often dismissed or overlooked, Moore graduates are trained to be savvy and determined, holding fast to a lesson and a challenge: If the game is stacked against you, change the game.

I hope you enjoy perusing this first-ever digital version of Moore Magazine, which includes an overview of exciting press in The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Business Journal about Moore’s recent successes and plans for the future. You’ll also hear about our 2024 Visionary Woman Award honoree—a Moore alum, not to spoil the surprise!—and see a preview of our new “Aluminaries” series, featuring some of our most distinguished Moore alumni over the course of the College’s history.

Game changers, we salute you! Wishing you all a warm, festive and safe holiday season.

Cathy Young

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Feature Story: 175 Years of Changing the Game

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The Philadelphia 10

Introducing: Moore Aluminaries

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Jane Likens ’66 and Arianna Baback ’23 speaking at the opening reception of the Bundle Up! exhibition.

When Stars Align: Jane Likens ’66 and Arianna Baback ’23 Bring Fashion History to Life at Moore

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Karen Daroff ’70

Meet Moore’s 2024 Visionary Woman Award Honoree: Karen Daroff ‘70

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Moore alumni cut the ribbon opening the new Alumni Gallery

Moore Milestones

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Collage of new Moore board, faculty, and staff headshots

New Board, Faculty and Staff

Meet them all here.

Photo artwork by James Johnson

Faculty Accomplishments

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Pottery work by Terri Saulin

Alumni Notes

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Ballerina with a garment designed by Moore fashion students.

Upcoming Events

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Still from a video by Erica Adamek ’23, Animation & Game Arts

Recent Student Artwork

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Feature Story: 175 Years of Changing the Game

Standing in front of the bright and reflective façade at the corner of 20th and Race Streets, it is easy to feel as though Moore College of Art & Design has always been here, illuminating Logan Circle with the buzz of creative energy. Located at the physical (and metaphorical) intersection of so many institutions of art, science, and education, Moore just makes sense."Moore has always been a place for game changers," says President Cathy Young. "The idea behind Moore may not seem so revolutionary now, when you think about how far we've come with representation in the creative fields. But the world still needs Moore."

Introducing: Moore Aluminaries

In honor of Moore’s 175th anniversary year, we are proud to present a new series that celebrates some of the College’s most accomplished and inspiring graduates, from the early days to the present.

We have dubbed these distinguished Moore alumni “ALUMINARIES,” to celebrate the light they have brought and will continue to bring to the world through their brilliant achievements and pioneering work in the art and design fields.

Meet some of our first Aluminaries below and click here to read their full stories. Be sure to follow us on social media @moorecollegeart to keep up with future entries in the series.

Meet the Aluminaries

The Philadelphia Ten

In 1917, a new all-women’s group of painters began exhibiting their work together, calling themselves the Philadelphia Ten. All 10 of them had been educated in Philadelphia art schools, but most members had graduated from the Philadelphia School of Design for Women (now Moore College of Art & Design), making the Philadelphia Ten an important part of Moore alumni history.

Anna Russell Jones ’24

Jones was the first Black graduate of Moore, known then as the Philadelphia School of Design for Women. After 1945, she attended Howard University Medical School (now Howard University College of Medicine) and trained in medical illustration. Jones received an honorary doctor of fine arts degree from Moore in 1987 and died at the age of 93 in 1995, the same year she was honored as one of the first to receive Moore’s Distinguished Alumni award.

Alice Neel ’25

Neel is one of the great American painters of the 20th century and a pioneer among women artists. She focused on people, landscapes and still life in her work, and painted portraits of many great artists, including Andy Warhol and Frank O’Hara, well-known American poet and curator at the Museum of Modern Art.

Edith Jaffy Kaplan ’40

As the first female art director of an American advertising agency—a career milestone that she reached only two years after graduating from Moore—Kaplan was already a success in her field. But she did not stop there, continuing outside the agency as an artist, teacher, lecturer, freelance graphic designer and community volunteer.

Adrienne Vittadini ’66

Vittadini is an internationally renowned fashion designer who launched her namesake lifestyle brand in 1979. She originally started the business as a hobby alongside her husband, Gianluigi Vittadini, but it quickly grew into a multimillion-dollar international fashion brand.

Jane Walentas ’66

Walentas was a New York artist and philanthropist most known for her impact on DUMBO, Brooklyn’s landscape and arts community. She also served as executive director for the Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program, which awarded rent-free non-living studio space to 17 visual artists for year-long residencies in DUMBO. Along with her husband David, Walentas is credited with providing the largest-ever gift to Moore College of Art & Design.

Sharon Wolmuth ’75

Shortly after graduating from Moore in 1975, Wohlmuth became one of the first two women photographers on the staff of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Her first book, Sisters, a collaboration with the writer Carol Saline, sold more than a million copies and stayed on the New York Times' nonfiction bestseller list for a whopping 63 weeks.

When Stars Align: Jane Likens ’66 and Arianna Baback ’23 Bring Fashion History to Life at Moore

Jane Likens ’66 and Arianna Baback ’23 speaking at the opening reception of the Bundle Up! exhibition.

At the start of a new semester in 2019, Jane Young Likens '66 was teaching a fashion history class when she decided to bring out one of the oldest garments from the College’s historic costume collection, to assist in a lesson about hand stitching. 

"I was hoping to connect with the students who were interested in costume history—I thought, there’s always at least one or two," she says. "I wanted to find them and give them a chance to work with the clothes."

Likens asked if anyone in the class wanted to take a chance at guessing when the dress was made. At first, she was met with silence, until, suddenly, a voice rang out: "1840s." Bingo. The voice belonged to Arianna Baback '23, then a sophomore transfer student. 

"I was really impressed," Likens says, "because as a sophomore, I would never have been able to date that dress. I was so impressed with her knowledge."

That was the start of the connection between the two. They would go on to work together, handling the historic garments in Moore’s costume collection, and put together two exhibitions, including the upcoming Bundle Up! Outerwear from the 19th–20th Centuries, on view in The Galleries at Moore through early January.

Read the full story here.

Meet Moore’s 2024 Visionary Woman Award Honoree: Karen Daroff ’70

If you've traveled around Philadelphia—or, at the very least, visited the airport—you're probably familiar with the design work of Karen Daroff '70, distinguished Moore alumna and 2024 Visionary Woman Award honoree. Over the past 40 years, Daroff has firmly established herself as a leader in the design world. Read on to learn more about Daroff's career trajectory and achievements.

Moore Milestones

Moore in the News

Moore President Cathy Young

In her first year at Moore, President Cathy Young has championed the College’s role as a nimble, innovative and uniquely Philadelphian institution, and her impact has not gone unnoticed. The Philadelphia Business Journal named Young a 2023 Woman of Influence back in August, and another Philadelphia Business Journal feature from this summer underscores her role in harnessing the incredible potential at Moore today. Exploring the far-reaching and future-forward strategic plan that will be presented in May 2024, the story highlights some of the new initiatives that are already in motion—such as the VAULT space that supports thriving student interest in animation and video game design—and possibilities for capital projects built around sustainability, diversity and wellness. 

In November, Moore was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer as a leader among historically women’s colleges for the College’s recent enrollment successes and financial strength, and our approach to embracing and providing a nurturing learning environment for nonbinary and gender-nonconforming students. This updated admissions policy is a natural evolution of Moore’s ongoing mission to support individuals who are historically underrepresented in creative fields.

Pew Center Grant Supports Innovation with Michelle Lopez

Pandemonium by Michelle Lopez

Moore has received a $360,500 grant from The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage to present Michelle Lopez: Pandemonium in the fall of 2025, in partnership with the Franklin Institute. Lopez’ work pushes the boundaries of sculpture, exploring and critiquing our collapsing built environment through a minority-Brown lens. Pandemonium will use virtual reality sculpture, a new method for Lopez and the art world at large, to envelop viewers in a dynamic “cloud” of material and digital debris that encourages reflection on systemic collapse and climate crisis. Situated at the intersection of art and technology, Lopez’ sculptural experimentation is an insightful match for Moore as a site of innovation in the arts. 

The two-pronged multimedia installation will be on view concurrently at the Fels Planetarium of the Franklin Institute and The Galleries at Moore, where a solo/retrospective exhibition of the artist’s sculptural work will contextualize the virtual conflagration that is Pandemonium. The project represents the first collaboration of its kind between Moore and the neighboring Franklin Institute.

Celebrating Alumni Every Day

Moore alumni cut the ribbon opening the new Alumni Gallery

A brand-new rotating gallery space dedicated to Moore alumni opened over the summer with an energetic celebration featuring live performances in jazz, spoken word and dance. The opening reception showcased the inaugural exhibition of work from Anne Canfield ’99, Caronia Marín Hernández ’22, Darla Jackson ’03, Julie Miller ’68, Terri Saulin ’92 and Kathy Shaver ’83

Devoting close to 500 square feet within The Galleries at Moore, with nearly 40 feet of public-facing frontage on Race Street, the new alumni gallery is a celebration of the Moore community’s wealth of artistic talent across different mediums and viewpoints. The exhibit space, physically connected to The Art Shop at Moore, will rotate every 6–8 weeks to feature a diverse representation of alumni working in a variety of artistic disciplines, and will serve as a platform for alumni programs and events. Now and up next: work from Emily Whynott MFA ’23 (on view through January 20), Naomieh Jovin ’17, and Jill Bell ’96.

Moore Students Shine at the Governor’s Residence

Moore students pose with PA Governor Josh Shapiro at the Pride Month exhibition at the Governor's Residence

At the Pennsylvania Governor’s Residence, a Pride Month exhibition brought visibility to LGBTQ+ identities and perspectives at Moore, with nine students’ paintings, drawings and prints hanging right outside the Governor and First Lady’s offices all summer long. The artworks—by Kaylee Corbi ’26, Courtney Drake ’26, AJ Durden ’25, Symphony Hodge ’25, Sam Irvin ’26, Sarah Lesnikoski ’23, Magdalene Sanchez ’26, Brooklyn Smith ’25 and an additional anonymous student—represented the relationship between identity and art-making, inspired by each student’s unique experiences and influences.

The inclusion of the students’ work at the Governor’s Residence speaks to the importance of LGBTQ+ voices in Pennsylvania, as well as the power of art to make an impact on social issues. Corbi, Durden, Smith and Drake had the opportunity to talk about their work with Governor Shapiro in a private reception at the Residence in August, where each student spoke about their processes and inspiration.

Meet Our New Board, Faculty & Staff

Collage of new board, faculty, and staff headshots

Meet the newest members of the Moore community! Click here to read all new Board, faculty and staff bios.

Faculty Accomplishments

Moore faculty are working artists, designers and educators in their fields, in addition to the amazing work they do inside the classroom. Read on to see some of their recent achievements.

Gina Altadonna, adjunct professor in Illustration, participated in the Small Wonders 12 group exhibition at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, which opened on November 3, 2023.

Stephanie Barber, program head and associate professor of Film & Digital Cinema, screened her new film, The Enlightenment (2023), at various venues this fall and early winter, including the Crossroads Festival of the San Francisco Cinematheque in Los Angeles, CA; the Valdivia Experimental Audiovisual Design Festival in Chile; the Beijing International Short Film Festival in China; the Swedenborg Film Festival in London; the Light Matter Festival in Alfred, NY; and the Strangloscope Festival in Brazil. Her 2010 video, the hunch that caused the winning streak and fought the doldrums mightily, screened for the month of April 2023 on Video Data Bank TV, and her feature-length experimental musical, In the Jungle (2017), was included in the exhibition Scrapyard Screenings at Sara’s World Gallery in New York, NY, in September 2023. Barber’s 2021 full-length abolitionist play, Trial in the Woods, has been picked up by 53rd State Press, who will take over the role of publisher this winter from Plays Inverse Press.

Leslie Grace, adjunct professor in Art Education, presented two sessions at the 2023 Pennsylvania Art Education Association conference, which was held in Erie, PA. She co-presented one session with David Dietz, the fine arts consultant for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, titled “Designing Effective SPMs (Student Performance Measures) for the Art Room.” Grace presented the second session on her own, about using artificial intelligence to enhance lesson planning.

James Johnson, program head and associate professor of Photography, completed a residency in May and June 2023 at Officina Stamperia del Notaio in Tusa, a municipality in the province of Messina, in the Italian region of Sicily. During the time of the residency, he organized and sequenced his library of images, made new photographs and began a series of photographic collages.

Kelly Kirby, PhD, associate professor of Creative & Critical Studies, published an essay, “Dakar Fashion Week: Dressing to Be Addressed,” in the fall 2023 “Special Edition: Fashion and Politics” issue of Fashion Studies Journal. Kirby also delivered a lecture, “Moving Forward: African Fashion in US and UK Museums” at the University of New Mexico’s International Studies Institute Lecture Series on September 28, 2023. Her short film, Ardmore: Seen and Unseen, co-produced with Carol Merrill-Bright as part of Scribe Video Center’s Precious Places project, was broadcast on WHYY television on November 7, 2023, paired with a community watch party in Ardmore that attracted 50 local community members. She also received a Dean’s Visibility Grant from Moore to do ethnographic research in Dakar, Senegal in December 2023, on the continuing significance of bazin riche, a textile produced in Europe for West African consumption.

John McDaniel, adjunct professor in Foundation, used a recently awarded faculty grant to attend a summer iron-smithing workshop at Penland School of Craft.

Sarina Miller, adjunct professor in Creative & Critical Studies, edited a multi-author volume called Perspective: Selected Essays on Space in Art and Design (Vernon Press, 2023). This volume explores the ways in which visual and physical space have been designed and experienced in different cultures. This book amplifies the significance of space as a design element by examining its implications in various contexts through a global perspective of art and design. 

Maya Pindyck, chair of Creative & Critical Studies, director of writing and assistant professor, published two recent essays: “Script for Curricular Chit-Chat from a Mothered Road: Exploring Janet Miller’s Influence on Practice," in the book Enacting Praxis: How Educators Embody Curriculum Studies, Arts Organizations, and Communities (Teachers College Press, October 2023); and "A Circle: Towards a Nonbinary, Nonconforming Pedagogy," published in Teachers & Writers Magazine, July 2023. She co-presented School Feels, a participatory art installation that gathered sensory memories of schooling, at the Imagining America National Gathering in October 2023, and also co-presented “Poetry in Our Teaching and Lives: An Exploratory Panel–Workshop” at the National Council of Teachers of English Conference in November 2023. She was also a guest poet at the University of Cincinnati (Clermont College) in November 2023.

Perry Santulli, adjunct professor in Animation & Game Arts and Graphic Design, illustrated and framed pieces for the Phillustration 13 exhibition at the Philadelphia Sketch Club, on view from October 9–November 6, 2022, and Moore College of Art & Design’s 2023 Faculty Triennial exhibition, on view from January 21–March 18, 2023. He was also invited to conduct a special topic lecture series on character design at Drexel University; designed and constructed a large-scale custom framing project for the Merion Cricket Club through the Merion Art and Repro Center; and worked on editing and layout design for a comic submission to Silver Sprocket Publishing.

Heather Ujiie, interdisciplinary associate professor, exhibited a solo site-specific installation, Dark Forest, at the Hill-Physick House from November 10–December 3, 2023, with an opening reception on November 10. The installation, which was curated by Heather Moqtaderi of Past Present Projects and made possible by an Edna W. Andrade Grant from The Philadelphia Foundation, was featured in WHYY by Peter Crimmins.

Alumni Notes

Our talented alumni always stay busy! See what Moore alumni were up to between March and October 2023.

SUSAN MCBRIARTY SWINAND ’65’s exhibition REVELATIONS is on view at the Linden Gallery at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary in Boylston, MA through March 9, 2024.   

SANDRA NYSTROM ’68 and SUSAN SOMMER ’72 both had work in the annual exhibition Far & Wide: Waiting for the Light at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum from June 9–July 23, 2023, with an opening event in June 2023.

In July 2023, ROBIN DINTIMAN ’72 had work featured in Sunshowers, the 2023 A.I.R. National Members Exhibition, a group exhibition curated by Mira Dayal that features work by 18 A.I.R. National Artist Members. She also completed a residency at Millay Arts, and a resulting artwork she created during that time has been chosen by Miillay Arts’ executive directors to be permanently installed. Additionally, Dintiman won the 2023 Leonardo da Vinci International Award, an annual international prize that awards outstanding achievements in the study of the sciences, technology, literature and the arts.

SUSAN SOMMER ’72 had a painting featured in the Silvermine Guild Summer Salon at the Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, CT, which ran from July 22–August 24, 2023, with an opening reception in July 2023.  

JANIE GROSS ’74, WENDY LISS ’84 and TERRI SAULIN ’92 had work in Small Favors, an exhibition at The Clay Studio, which celebrated the organization’s first anniversary in their new location at 1425 North American Street in Philadelphia. The exhibition ran through July 3, 2023. Artists represented in Small Favors ranged from established ceramicists to artists who are newer to the field.

LYDIA CONGIU ’80 won the 2023 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship in the Crafts Fellows category.

VALERIA MARCUS ’81 unveiled her mural honoring artist Jacob Lawrence in October 2023 at Atlantic Cape Community College’s Charles D. Worthington campus. Lawrence was known for his multi-paneled series that tell stories of African and African American history.

SANDRA C. DAVIS ’82 was one of three artists included in The Halide Project’s Spring Invitational Exhibit: Re-Constructing Past, which was on view in their third-floor gallery April 15–May 28, 2023 in Philadelphia.

KATHLEEN SHAVER ’83 had an exhibit of her paintings, Winter Thaw, presented by Art Now Media from February 4–March 4, 2023. Her work was also featured in Midsummer Art Evenings, a painting and sculpture exhibition at MERGE art space and gallery in Stone Ridge, NY. The exhibition was on view in July 2023 and featured an opening reception. 

WENDY LISS ’84 displayed her ceramic works at Parisa Rugs and Décor in Philadelphia in October 2023. Dosage Magazine featured a write-up of the exhibit. She also had work included in Claybash 2023 at the Hunterdon Art Museum in Clinton, NJ through September 2023. Additionally, her sculpture Evolve was recently added to the Sculpture Walk on the Newtown campus of Bucks County Community College.

ANN MARIE PAI ’85 was honored with the 2023 New Jersey Teacher of the Year award at Broad Street School in Bridgeton, NJ for her work as a teacher of computer science and design thinking. Broad Street School was also awarded the New Jersey Governor's Award of Excellence in Arts Education for use of artist residencies in education. Pai was awarded, and successfully implemented, Artist in Education grants at Broad Street School from 2017–2023.

DANA DONATY ’88 had work on view in the group exhibition New Way of Doing Things at the SVA Flatiron Gallery in New York, NY in July 2023. 

DALE NAJARIAN ’88 exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in New York, NY, held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea, in September 2023.

DONNA QUINN ’90 had paintings and panels featured in Let the Record Show, an exhibition at The Yard in Philadelphia that ran from March 25–July 20, 2023. Through unique processes, the show reflected on what we as humans choose to commemorate.

AMY FARIS ’91 launched her latest exhibition Grid Bone, a series in which one object is manipulated in various contexts to evoke different moods and situations. The exhibition had a cocktail reception in November 2023 and is on view at Oyster Point Gallery in Red Bank, NJ through January 2024.  

DEE COLLINS ’93 had work included in Blue, an exhibition organized by the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers and presented by The City of Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy. The exhibit ran from May 1–July 15, 2023.

After 20 years in education, first as an art teacher and then as principal and superintendent of schools, CHRISTINA BARBACHANO ’98 stepped into the role of executive director of the Holter Museum of Art in Helena, Montana. The Holter has five separate exhibition spaces, a community creative and meeting space and a large multi-studio/classroom education wing.

KAREN SCHOENITZ ’98 had two paintings in Powell Lane Arts' Second Annual Juried Show in May 2023 in Collingswood, NJ.

MICHELLE WILSON ’00's artist book, Vueles, was purchased for the artist book collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, NY.

DARLA JACKSON ’03 was selected as one of two new members of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC), established in 2003 by Congress to advise the Secretary of the Treasury on the themes and designs of United States coins and medals. Jackson was appointed March 23 by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen as the member specifically qualified in sculpture or medallic arts.

KATHY MUELLER ’03 gave a talk at Moore in August 2023 about the “United States for Abortion” project, which she co-founded with a colleague.

LEILA CARTIER ’04 was appointed as the new executive director of the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, a nonprofit arts organization founded to advance education about the process, product and history of craft. She began her role on July 17, 2023.

AUBRIE COSTELLO ’07 was featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer and on WHYY for her ongoing collaborative work, The Erotic Project, which had a new multimedia exhibition at the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia. The exhibition was open April 14–July 8, 2023.

LAURA PETROVICH-CHENEY MFA ’11 had a solo exhibition, Weathered Shapes, Wooden Quilts at the Boston Children's Museum. The exhibition was an art installation that brought together the traditional crafts of wood sculpture and quiltmaking to show the potential of rebuilding and hope. Petrovich-Cheney repurposed wood collected after natural disasters and assembled the pieces into quilt-inspired sculptures, displaying the very personal impact of natural disasters and the potential for renewal. The exhibition was on view March through September 2023. 

VICTORIA WRIGHT ’12, designer and owner of Victoria Wright, LLC, was featured for her fashion design work in Lemontrend and BUCKSCO Today.

ERIKA LAND ’13 collaborated with the Abington Art Center on Ethnicity Through the Eyes of the Artist, a summer 2023 juried show she proposed and served on as a juror. She also developed art programs for underserved communities, using art as a platform to help those struggling with mental health issues. 

LYDIA KNOPP ’15 participated in a citywide public art project called the Parade of Hearts in Kansas City. In partnership with her employer, Kansas State School for the Blind, she designed, produced and created a tactile and auditory "heart" sculpture called Feel the Love that has fully accessible features for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. 

SHARI TOBIAS ’17 completed two murals in Atlantic City, NJ. The first commemorates the Ocean Casino Resort's fifth birthday celebration, featuring a three-panel underwater ocean theme and located outside the Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall. The second is a four-wall chess mural that illustrates facts about the game using iconic images of Atlantic City and Absecon Island’s history. The mural is located at the center of O’Donnell Memorial Park.

EMMA CORTELLESSA ’20 started a position as a full-time graphic designer at Colliers in Philadelphia, one of the world’s top companies in commercial real estate.

STEPHANIE WEINGER ’20 was selected as a 2023 Science Communication Fellow for the Ocean Exploration Trust and participated in a monthlong expedition in the Pacific Ocean aboard the E/V Nautilus. Of the 16 fellows chosen, Weinger was the only one representing visual art as a form of communication. In September 2023, she started her dream job as a graphic designer for the Philadelphia Zoo.

After starting as an intern in summer 2022, ERICA ADAMEK ’22 was offered a full-time position in December 2022 as an associate character animator at game developer Kingslsle Entertainment. She now works as a 3D character animator for both of their MMO (massively multiplayer online) games, Wizard101 and Pirate101.

TARA DRISSEL MA ’22 received the 2023 Pennsylvania Art Education Association’s (PAEA) Outstanding Art in Special Education Award at the PAEA Conference in Erie, PA on October 7.

Pottery by Terri Saulin

The Castle of Crossed Destinies by Terri Saulin '92 from the Small Favors Exhibition at the Clay Studio. Photo courtesy of the artist.

In Memoriam

Honoring members of the Moore community we lost in 2023.

ELLEN WEISMAN ’58 of Houston, TX passed away on November 4, 2022. She held a BFA from Moore College of Art & Design and an MA in teaching English as a Second Language from Southern Illinois University. Weisman is remembered for her kind, loving, caring nature. She loved her family and friends deeply and was never happier than when she was sharing an artful experience. She enjoyed integrating her love of art and music into everyday life. Her artistic talents included painting, clay craft, sewing and Japanese calligraphy. She also had a beautiful singing voice. She is preceded in death by her husband, Lawrence Weisman; her parents, Ruben and Anne Singer (née Aptoff); her brother and sister-in-law, Bernard and Marilyn Singer; and her great-grandson, Connor Smith. She is survived by her children, Mike, Jonathan, Tova and Bram; her grandchildren, Samantha Smith (Kevin), Cypriana, Joseph and Rose Weisman; her great-grandchildren, Theresa and Andrew Smith; and many nieces and nephews. 

MARGARET (MARGIE) BUMEN ’66 passed away on August 7, 2023 in York Hospital with her family by her side. She graduated in 1962 from North Hunterdon Regional High School and from Moore College of Art & Design in 1966. She earned a master’s degree from Pratt Institute and started working for Dansk, where she became a vice president, later serving in the same position at Lenox. She finished her career at Cole Haan. During these years, she and her husband Joe started a store fixture business in York, ME, which ultimately became Maine Wood & Design, operating for over 40 years.

SANDI JO GORDON ’66 passed away on May 2, 2023. She was the beloved wife of Dr. Mark Gordon, loving mother of Margery Gordon and Andrea Gordon Cote (Pierre), dear sister of Craig Gorson, cherished daughter of Norman and Peggy Gorson and adored grandmother of Nathaniel Cote. Gordon was a well-known interior designer, professional artist and chairman of the Public Arts Trust. 


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