— by Gabi Stevenson, Communications Manager

Since opening in November 2023, Moore’s Commuter Lounge has become a warm and welcoming home-away-from-home for commuter students.

The idea for a commuter lounge was first brought to Corrine Smith, Moore’s Director for Student Life, DEIA, and Title IX Coordinator, during the 2022–2023 school year. After running focus groups and creating a wish list with commuter students, Smith worked with President Cathy Young and other senior administrators to make their vision a reality. The lounge opened with a pizza reception, and students were invited to take a first look.

The lounge is now in full swing. The space has a TV where students can watch movies or play video games, kitchen appliances for preparing and eating food, and plush furniture where commuters can rest.

The Commuter Lounge also comes with some fun features, like a giant chalkboard, sensory toys and lots of snacks. Smith said she loves knowing commuter students are getting the most out of a space designated just for them.

“The Commuter Lounge is a space for our commuter students to unwind. We wanted to make the space as cozy as possible for them, so they have a place to recharge before and between their long classes,” Smith said. “My favorite thing about the space is the comfy couch and seeing what the students have drawn on the chalkboard. Students spend so much time on campus and we wanted to create a space where they feel like they belong.”

Although commuter students all participate in a shared Discord channel, the physical space creates a sense of community on Moore’s campus.

“As a commuter student who came to Moore in 2020 during the pandemic, it was really easy to feel isolated and like I didn't fit into the community here,” said Helen Vo ‘24, an Animation & Game Arts student. “The Commuter Lounge was exactly what I wanted and needed to connect with other Moore commuter students.”

In addition to its permanent amenities, the Commuter Lounge also hosts regular programming, like Insomnia Cookie events and movie nights, to keep commuters engaged.

“It is such a cozy and loved space. I loved being able to talk directly with [Smith] and the staff preparing the Commuter Lounge to request specific items exclusively for commuter students,” Vo said. “It's crazy. They asked for what we would want to see in the lounge, they listened and then they got it!”