You’ll learn a variety of industry-relevant knowledge, including: animation and storyboarding, hand and digital drawing, development of 2D character design and 3D environments, gaming strategies, proficiency in the use of art-making software and technology, and critical analysis of interactive culture. And the places you’ll go? Literally endless.

“I knew Animation & Game Arts was meant for me because I am a huge nerd. I love Star Wars, Steven Universe, My Hero Academia, and all sorts of different nerdy things, and there are tons of people in AGA who share the same interests. After I made my first short film in sophomore year—there was something about seeing my own characters come to life that excited me.”

Jen Murray '21
Animation & Game Arts


Animation & Game Arts Core Curriculum

Year 1 is your Foundation year! You’ll get a head start with your bridge-to-major class (Animation I) and choose between drawing or design in your second semester.

  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Animation I
  • Foundation Drawing I & II
  • Visual Thinking
  • Color Theory
  • Drawing Visual Communication OR Creative Design
  • Writing Workshop I & II
  • Art History I & II

Immerse yourself in your major in Year 2. Classes like Storyboarding, Game Strategies and Time-Based Media Projects will give you foundational skills for future work.

  • Game Art & Design
  • Storyboarding
  • 3D Modeling
  • Animation II
  • Game Strategies Studio
  • Time-based Media Projects
  • History of Anamation & Game Arts
  • Modern & Contemporary Art History Course
  • Non-Western Art History
  • Gender, Race, Class & Power

In Year 3, explore your options and start to think about your future through electives and Professional Development, which will prepare you for an exciting $1,000 paid summer internship.

  • AGA Electives
  • Professional Development I
  • Contemporary Media
  • Junior Production
  • Creative & Critical Studies Electives
  • Studio Electives

In Year 4, take your final electives and Senior Studio and Thesis classes, and apply the skills you’ve learned to a final thesis project. Then get ready for your journey to post-graduation success!

  • Senior Studio
  • Senior Thesis
  • Professional Development II (Internship)
  • Creative & Critical Studies Electives
  • AGA Electives

More Perks & Opportunities

Collaborative Environment

Work in teams with other artists to create animations, games and interactive media.


Multiple spaces equipped with the latest state-of-the-tech for emerging creatives.

Hone your Skills

Learn from the creatives in the field with workshops and the Annual "Game Changers" symposium.

Take the next steps!

We're looking forward to meeting you and telling you more about the undergraduate Animation & Game Arts program at Moore.