— by Meg Wolensky, Managing Director of Continuing Education
An artist working on a sculpture in one of Moore's studios, near one of the signature diamond-shaped windows.

The Summer Artist / Educator Residency (SAER), coming up from June 19–25, is Moore College of Art & Design’s first studio-based artist residency program built to address the needs of creative educators. This opportunity is for certified K–12 art teachers, teaching artists working for nonprofits and artists looking for skills to shift their studio practice into the sphere of arts education. If you fall into any of these categories, SAER is for you!

In Moore’s Continuing Education department, we are passionate about connecting artists and arts educators to professional opportunities that allow them to impact students who are first discovering the arts. We believe that artists and arts educators need and deserve time to sit with their practice, to focus on making and to cross-pollinate effective strategies for sharing the power of the arts with their students. We also believe that the artist residency model has a unique and transformative power to usher forth untapped creative potential.

Moore has offered professional development programming designed in response to educator needs since the late ’90s. The COVID-19 pandemic afforded us an unexpected opportunity to reassess and reimagine what the program formerly known as the Teachers Summer Institute (TSI) could be. This popular, enriching and nourishing professional development program already offered PA Act 48 Hours and Graduate-level college credit, but what else could it do? And who could it serve?

In our research, we found that many traditional artist residencies were not suitable or feasible for art educators with annual teaching contracts, but were instead explicitly for full-time studio artists. Nationally and in Philadelphia, there are few artist residencies built for creatives who might not maintain a flourishing studio practice amid the very real demands of a career in art education. 

To address this market gap, and to accommodate the current needs and interests of art teachers, we’ve developed the Summer Artist / Educator Residency. Here are the top reasons to enroll in the debut session of SAER:

  1. SAER is a weeklong studio-based artist residency that gives participants the best that Moore has to offer. 
  2. The program is designed to help educators feel rested and restored with dedicated time and space to prioritize personal art projects.
  3. We offer a mix of daily conceptual, material and technique workshops with 24-hour professional fine arts studio access and opportunities to exhibit new and in-progress work.
  4. You can work independently or collaboratively, with lots of time for meaningful community building.
  5. Our schedule includes a catered, panel-style lunchtime keynote speaker series, to make professional development easy, accessible and engaging.
  6. You’ll receive up to 40 hours of professional development during the program and gain access to PLUS an additional 10 hours of Art Ed PD programs at Moore throughout the year—all of which, by the way, is PA Act 48 eligible!
  7. You’ll earn three (3) graduate-level college credits for one week of experimentation in the studio.


This year we’re welcoming Candy González, Dr. Meagan Corrado and Mary Patterson as our keynote speakers. Each of our speakers brings with them new and inspiring expertise in weaving creativity into educational spaces. Facets covered include:

  • Why be trauma-informed as an arts educator in 2022 and beyond?
  • Healing projects in new mediums: ink and glass, trauma and strength
  • Incorporating basic body movement into creative curriculum to make learning versatile and accessible

We have frozen our pre-pandemic program rate at a competitive $865 for three graduate credits, 90+ PD hours, catered lunches and field trips. SAER attendees also have access to new semi-private studio spaces, campus facilities and faculty support for one week. 

This year, we have secured discounted external housing for all participants who would like to opt-in. Similar to many conference-style events, SAER participants have several options to choose from according to their personal feasibility and preference: 

  • Commute to the program if you live locally.
  • Consider third-party housing via travel apps like AirBnB, Vrbo or Hopper, especially if you are traveling in a group with fellow educators.
  • Take advantage of an exclusive opportunity to stay a few blocks away from campus at the Sheraton in downtown Philadelphia, located at 201 North 17th Street for a special discount of 15–20%. Once you’re registered, you’ll receive further instruction for how to book your room online from our team.

As educators and creators, you know that magic happens in the studio and that it is unpredictable, unmeasurable, powerful and transformative. What happens in the studio calls on exactly who you are as a creative person, so be intentional in making the time and space to let that magic happen. 

Ask yourself:

  • What will you do at SAER?
  • What will you make?
  • Who will you meet?
  • How will it impact the creative experiences of your students? 

Join us June 19–25, 2022 for SAER and experience the empowered autonomy in your creative practice that you’ve been craving! Our team of qualified studio, workshop and administrative facilitators are here to help you step into the spotlight and choose what happens next. 

Email us at for more information.