Be it through painting, sculpture, video, metalwork, performance or installation, you’ll learn what it takes to lead a successful career as a practicing studio artist, educator and professional. You’ll also have access to studio and lab spaces for jewelry, ceramics, casting, wood shop and digital fabrication—and your own studio space your junior and senior year.

“Philadelphia is a dynamic, energetic and diverse place to experience contemporary art. The city has a robust culture of street art, with countless murals as well as public sculptures and installations. In addition, Philadelphia is home to multiple world-class art museums, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art.”

Robert Goodman
Associate Professor, Fine Arts


Fine Arts Core Curriculum

  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Printmaking
  • Foundation Drawing I
  • Visual Thinking
  • Color Theory
  • Drawing for Visual Communication OR Creative Design
  • Writing Workshop I & II
  • Art History I & II

  • Painting: Concepts, Materials, Technique
  • Sculpture: Concepts, Materials, Process
  • Drawing: Concepts, Materials, Methods
  • Digital Tools
  • Drawing as a Contemporary Practice
  • Fine Arts Media Requirements
  • Modern Art History Course
  • Non-Western Art History
  • Gender, Race, Class & Power

  • Fine Arts Junior Studio
  • Idea Lab
  • Fine Arts Media Requirements
  • Professional Development I
  • Creative & Critical Studies Electives
  • Studio Electives

  • Fine Arts Senior Studio
  • Critical Discourse
  • Fine Arts Senior Thesis
  • Professional Development II (Internship)
  • Critical & Creative Studies Electives
  • Fine Arts Media Requirements
  • Open Electives

More Perks & Opportunities

Studio and lab spaces

For jewelry, ceramics, welding, casting, wood shop and digital fabrication.

Built for Creativity

 Well-equipped drawing, painting and printmaking facilities.

Fine Arts student working on her painting

A space of your own

A rare opportunity: Dedicated studio space for seniors!

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