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Student Interview // Blakely Inberg

2018-2019 Tuition, fees and estimated expenses for a full-time student in residence at Moore are:

Deposit (non-refundable)


General College Fees

Technology Fee


Orientation Fee


Total including Fees

Room & Board

Total including Room & Board and Fees


Foundation Art Kit

FY Books and Supplies

BFA per credit

Post-Bacc Art Ed per credit

Tuition - Full-time
Annual tuition for full-time students is $40,052. If a student’s program exceeds the maximum full-time load of 18 credits per semester, she will be charged $1,670 per additional credit.

Tuition - Part-time
Tuition for part-time students (those taking fewer than 12 credits per semester) is $1,670 per credit and for Post-Baccalaureate Art Education students, who are charged $1,670 per credit.

Books and Supplies
Students are responsible for providing all materials and books required for courses. First-year or transfer students taking basics classes should be prepared to pay a minimum of $465 at orientation for the basic art supply kit. Students can expect to pay approximately $2,000 per year for books and supplies. The cost varies depending on program requirements and individual students' choice of materials. In selected courses, lab fees are charged to cover the cost of materials used in class.

Billing Payment
The College mails bills twice a year in advance of the fall and spring semesters. Payment is due before each semester begins. The College will not release grade reports, transcripts, degrees or diplomas for any student whose account is not current. Payment plans are arranged through the Business Office. Call 215.965.4022 for more information. Costs for each academic year are set in late spring. The above are based on costs for the 2017-2018 academic year.