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For individuals interested in Certificate Programs, Continuing Education, Pre-College Programs and Moore’s renowned Young Artists Workshop, visit the continuing education web page. Or please call 215.965.4030 or email If you're looking to apply to one of our Graduate Programs


Admission to Moore is based on both the quality of your portfolio and your overall academic record. Your desire and motivation to make art and your creative potential is also a key factor in the admissions process. Careful consideration is given to each applicant to evaluate her potential for success as a student. 


Moore reviews and accepts applications on an ongoing basis throughout the year as space remains available in each program. While there are no formal deadlines for all programs, we recommend submitting your application by the priority dates. Don’t be concerned if you aren’t ready to apply or miss these dates as we have rolling admissions and will continue to evaluate students until orientation begins.

  • Priority Dates for Bachelor of Fine Arts & Post Baccalaureate Programs 
    All Terms: Dec 15


Find out if you are eligible for financial aid by filling out the​ application (Moore's school code: 003300). If you are applying for the fall semester, we encourage you to submit your application and file your FAFSA by December 1. For the spring semester, we encourage you to submit your material by November 1.


Moore College of Art & Design has been committed to the education of women since 1848. The College adheres to the principle of equal educational opportunity without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation or handicap. Moore is also an equal opportunity employer.  

Founded in 1848 under the mission to expand women’s access to higher education, Moore College of Art & Design offers a women’s college experience. Undergraduate admission is open to otherwise qualified applicants: (i) assigned female at birth; or (ii) who self-identify as women, trans women, non-binary, or gender nonconforming individuals, at the time of application. This policy will apply to applicants to be considered for enrollment for the 2021–2022 academic year and beyond.

—Adopted by Moore's Board of Trustees & Managers, May 5, 2020