All standard non-discounted SADI registrations are conducted via Self-Service, Moore’s online registration portal. If you haven’t used the system before, please read through the following steps below to ensure a successful and complete registration process. 

  1. We strongly recommend using Google Chrome on a desktop computer or laptop to register. Before you register, please allow pop-ups and cookies and plan to prevent system timeouts. Have your payment method ready and complete the following steps without your computer idling to avoid incomplete registration. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & AmEx.
  2. Select the Enrollment Fee and/or Tuition links on the Upcoming Program Details page 
  3. Hit "ADD"
  4. A pop-up window will appear – select "proceed to registration"
    1. NEW USERSFollow the prompts to create a new account. (Tip: be sure to write down your login credentials and keep them somewhere handy - you'll need them in the future!)
    2. RETURNING USERS Forgot your login credentials? Submit a ticket or email us at!

Didn't receive a confirmation email? Please send your full name and the course you have selected to Your payment may not have been processed successfully.

Written notification of course withdrawal is required and must be submitted via email to After receiving written notice, our team will confirm your refund amount according to the following schedule and provide you with the required tuition refund forms for you to complete. Please note that all refunds are processed in the form of direct deposit or paper check within 4-6 weeks. Tuition refunds are calculated according to the following schedule: 

  • Withdrawal prior to April 1: 100% less non-refundable $300 deposit
  • Withdrawal prior to May 1: 70% less non-refundable $300 deposit
  • Withdrawal after May 1: no refund 
  • Please note that students dismissed from the program due to code of conduct violations do not receive refunds.


Scholarships to attend SADI 2024 are available! Please learn more and apply here before March 15, 2024.


Based on funding that is not guaranteed to be renewed annually, there may be a limited number of competitive scholarships for students with academic merit, significant creative talent, and demonstrated financial need. In addition to completing the enrollment requirements, students seeking a scholarship must complete the scholarship application; provide an art teacher or guidance counselor recommendation; submit financial information, and submit a portfolio.   Alternatively, our team strongly recommends seeking alternative tuition funding from great organizations supporting Philadelphia students, such as Ellis Trust for Girls and Philadelphia Scholars. To learn more, please reach out to our team at

Moore's Dining Hall serves three meals daily Monday through Friday, and two meals on Saturday and Sunday. Adjacent to the Dining Hall is the cozy and comfortable Jane's Corner with a fireplace and multiple sofas for catching up with friends or studying between classes, as well as a convenient grab-and-go cafe. Please contact General Manager, Michele O'Neill at to discuss any special dietary needs. View daily menus at the Dining Hall here.  

Moore reserves the right to withdraw courses, alter its curriculum, change instructors or modify tuition. Portions of this publication are subject to change without notice. Courses not meeting minimum enrollment are canceled. In the event of program cancellation, all attempts are made to notify registered students before the start of the program and all course fees are refunded within 4-6 weeks of submission of refund forms. After notifying students of program cancellation, our team will provide you with the required tuition refund forms for you to complete. In the event that the program is to shift online, enrolled students will have the option to withdraw without penalty. Tuition adjustments will be made to reflect the removal of SADI room and board fees and the difference will be refunded.  

The SADI team can be reached Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST at or 215-965-4030.


Generally, our team strongly advises against interrupting the SADI experience by taking students in and out of the program. You may take your child out of the program at any time, but for them to get the most out of the experience, we recommend doing so only on weekends when they have free time.

Though overall discouraged, if a SADI student needs to be picked up during an otherwise scheduled time, an authorized parent or guardian must notify us by completing the SADI 2024 Student Authorized Parent/Guardian Pick-Up Form. Notice must be given 3-5 days in advance of departure so that a dismissal form can be disbursed and proper staffing arrangements can be made. When a SADI student leaves early from class, a parent or guardian must fill out an early dismissal form before the student leaves campus. 

SADI Students are expected to follow general behavior rules of being respectful of each other, the instructor and staff, as well as the College facility. Inappropriate and dangerous behavior will not be tolerated and Moore reserves the right to dismiss students from class.  Students dismissed from the program do not receive refunds.

Respecting Each Other: We are part of a supportive, inclusive, and kind community at Moore. We hold space for each other to thrive and support one another as we move toward our personal and professional goals. 

Respecting the Space: We respect the space we share with the Moore community. We respect the technology, studios, classrooms, and spaces we share. We respect others when we attend field trips and when we leave the building. We carry kindness and professionalism forward into our daily interactions. 

Academic Goals: We stretch to reach our unique creative goals, working on amazing portfolios and listening to our mentors. We create an academic community where everyone is creating something incredible, independently and together.  

Basic Safety: We care for each other’s well-being and follow the rules to keep each other safe. If something seems unsafe, we let our trusted mentors know so they can help us have the best experience possible this session. 

"inappropriate” and "dangerous behavior," as applied to the educational setting, means behavior that interferes with normal educational functions. Examples include, but are not limited to; bullying, sexual harassment or misconduct, physical threats, personal insults, bodily harm, bodily modification, consumption of illegal substances, illegal underage activity, and any illegal acts. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in disciplinary action, program dismissal, and the involvement of security and law enforcement. 

Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class meeting. Attendance is required for students to successfully obtain college credit for the program.

Students are responsible for independently managing their time. They are expected to wake up on time and attend class by or before the start time. Students who are late to class will face academic repercussions, including poor grades and failing to obtain college credit for the program. 

We strongly recommend that parents and guardians go over this policy with students before attending the program and make a plan for the student to succeed. 

SADI students are allowed free time for lunch, between classes, before curfew and on the weekends. Moore’s campus is centrally located in Center City Philadelphia, and students are encouraged to use their free time to explore the immediate surroundings of the college with their friends and family. Students are required to travel in groups of three or more outside the campus area, and we do not recommend using the public transportation system. Students must report to the dining hall for RA check-ins at 12:00 pm, 5:00 pm, and 9:30 pm on weekends.

Students and parents should discuss self-regulation, self-discipline, and our student code of conduct before the start of the program. If parents or students are looking for a program with one hundred percent supervision, they should consider the nature of this program thoroughly before registering as this program is meant to be an opportunity for students to grow and experience some independence in a contained environment. Students are supervised during class time, studio time, and coordinated outings and events. Resident Assistants (RA's) reside with students on every floor to ensure supervision and that students have access to a trained staff member in case of emergency during all evening hours.

We get it! It's ok to feel anxious or intimidated when you're trying something for the first time. You've gone through a lot in the past few years, and a sleepaway experience can be a big adjustment. We want to stress that our team of trained staff, faculty, RA's, and counselors are here for you and we are committed to fostering a supportive environment for you to succeed.

That goes for students AND parents! Rest assured, SADI students are honing skills useful for their future success: resilience, self-reliance, social adaptability, and career-preparedness. The SADI experience, particularly being away from home among peers, can help kids develop social skills, separate in a healthy way from parents, and cultivate independence in a safe setting. Consistency helps students become independent in a healthy and safe way that prepares them for college, which is what this program is all about!

Meg Wolensky, Managing Director of Continuing Education

Dr. Joshua Wilkin, Dean of Students

Dalita Khoury, Continuing Education Program Manager

Ash Garner, Continuing Education Program Coordinator

Alex Bogdan, Coordinator for Residential Life & Housing

Sarah Stalter, Assistant to the Dean of Students and Student Affairs Coordinator

Diane Azuma, Director of Health Services

SADI Faculty

Continuing Education Summer Assistants (CESA's)

Site Coordinators

Summer Housing Intern


Complete your official transcript request after September 15 using Parchment, Moore's secure official transcript request portal! Official transcripts orders are $12 per copy.

Students who successfully complete the program receive 3 foundation-level college credits and a letter grade for their participation in each of their classes. SADI students who are eligible to graduate from the program receive an official Certificate signed by the Managing Director of Continuing Education. Upon graduation from SADI, students have access to an official transcript and 3 transferrable college credits.

Students participate in 5 classes throughout the program; Foundation Drawing, Anatomy, and four BFA concentration electives of the student's choosing. SADI students are graded based on their in-class performance, demonstrated effort, the completion of daily homework assignments, and final projects. The quality of a student’s achievement is graded A through F. Grading is a matter of judgment and varies from teacher to teacher. The high school students who are in SADI should be rewarded for individual effort, process, and progress, and not necessarily product.

  • A grade in the “A” range is given for high-quality work that reflects an excellent understanding of the issues raised by the assignments.
  • A grade in the “B” range is given for above-average work that reflects significant growth and demonstrated potential.
  • A grade in the “C” range is a reasonable grade for work that reflects adequate skill and potential for growth.
  • A grade in the “D” range is given for work that reflects some ability but does not meet all the requirements.
  • A grade of “F” is given to a student who has failed.
  • A grade of "W" is given to a student who has withdrawn from the course.
  • A grade of "I" is given to students who explicitly request an incomplete from the instructor and communicates a definitive extended deadline by which all coursework must be complete.