Socially-Engaged Art

  • Ariana Hajdu, MFA '18, speaks about her work at a spring 2017 crit.

    Photo: Academic Image


Our department is bringing together artists and organizers to both critically and pragmatically engage in the discourses and practices concerned with art’s relationship to place, collaboration, ethics, material, and interdisciplinary research. Through degree programs in an MFA in Socially-Engaged Studio Art and an MA in Socially-Engaged Art, we are concerned with the role, history, and potential, of art in relationship to society. Through our classes, public programs, community partnerships, symposia and the work of our renowned students and faculty, we are in the world, asking challenging questions together.

Master of Fine Arts in Socially-Engaged Studio Art (2 years)

This degree is concerned with the role of art in society. Our MFA program offers curriculum that encourages artists to think across disciplines about the critical issues that arise when conceptualizing, making, disseminating and documenting art today. While some students focus on the internal world of the artist, and others focus on the active collaboration of the artist within neighborhoods and organizations, both converge in exciting ways that challenge one another.

Master of Arts in Socially-Engaged Art (1 year)

This degree focuses on administering, organizing and facilitating socially-engaged art experiences and studying the emerging field of community engagement through the arts. With interdisciplinary courses in project management as well as critical race theory and placemaking, this program provides candidates with the practical, ethical and theoretical tools to both analyze and produce transformative art experiences.

Photo by Steve Weinik