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In a media-saturated landscape, are you interested in showing off the world through your own lens? Moore’s Photography major fosters the technical, theoretical, and artistic skills students need to succeed in the evolving, expanding, and increasingly global discipline of photography. Working in both analog and digital formats, you'll learn to process and print images, utilize video and other established and emerging technologies, master professional lighting techniques, and create sophisticated bodies of work informed by the history and theory of the discipline. (Photo above: Emily Costello '19)


  • Computer lab designed specifically to support digital photography, multimedia and web media
  • A free camera rental center
  • Expansive facilities with a wet darkroom, lighting studio, a digital video lab and 2D animation lab

“ I most enjoy the small class size and the individual attention each professor gives to their students. [In our] major, we have most of our classes together and become very close, which gives us a chance to really get to know each other's art and give meaningful feedback.”