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More About the Major



100% of 2016 Art Education Graduates are employed with institutions in their field of study or in graduate school. Do you envision a life where you can use your art to positively affect the lives of others?  Do you see yourself teaching in a museum, school, or community organization?  The art education department will have you explore art through hands on experience.  Our experienced faculty foster a contagious curiosity that encourages the desire to reach all students.  At the same time, you will develop the skills to fearlessly do the work that needs to be done to enrich the lives of your future students.

  • Moore's Art Education program, one of the oldest in the nation, prepares candidates to teach grades K-12 by ensuring a solid base in studio courses, art history, liberal arts and art education courses.
  • To be accepted into this program, candidates must have a 3.0 G.P.A. and maintain it through graduation
  • Candidates prepare for teaching art in private and public schools through hands-on teaching experience in Moore's own Young Artists Workshop, observing classrooms in area schools and by performing 12 weeks of student teaching.
  • Upon successfully completing their coursework and student teaching and taking the Praxis exams, candidates may apply for a Pennsylvania teaching certificate that is accepted by departments of education in 46 states.