Lauren Stichter 

Director of Art Education, Assistant Professor

Lauren Stichter is the director of Art Education and assistant professor at Moore College of Art & Design. Prior to her director role at Moore, she was the lead art teacher at Pennsylvania School for the Deaf for 15 years. In the spring of 2019, Stichter became the Special Needs in Art Education interest group president for the National Art Education AssociationShe is also the current chair of administration and supervision on the board of the Pennsylvania Art Education Association. Stichter is passionate about accessibility in the arts and presents regularly at national and international conferences, district-wide professional development days, museum and community arts events and webinars. View full profile

Amanda Newman-Godfrey

Assistant Professor

Amanda received her BA in fine arts and history of art from Bryn Mawr College. She received her MA with Certification from Teachers College Columbia University, where she is currently an ABD doctoral candidate in art and art education. Newman-Godfrey holds a New Jersey certificate in Art K12 and a school administrator’s certificate. For 11 years, she worked as an art teacher and arts department supervisor at New Jersey’s largest private day school for students with disabilities ages 321. In 2006, she joined the AIE Consortium as the arts education associate, managing the NEA/NJSCA Artists-in-Education Program to oversee artist residencies, teaching artists and grants in K12 schools across New Jersey. View full profile

Why Choose Art Education at Moore?

Lauren Stichter Director of Art Education

"Growing up, I found academics to be very challenging. I struggled even to complete high school. Like many of my students now, I did not fit the “one-size- fits-all” education system that we find ourselves in today. However, I always felt successful in the art room. Not because I was the best artist, but because my art teacher chose to celebrate me as a whole person and offered me opportunities to express myself in an environment that was open, accessible and affirming.

Whether you are a Pre-K–12 art teacher, community arts educator, museum educator or teaching artist, here at Moore College of Art & Design we pride ourselves on offering the only program in the country that equips its graduates with the knowledge and skills to make art accessible to everyone. This includes training and research on topics such as decolonizing the art curriculum, disability studies in art education, universal design for learning strategies, best practices for including students from the LGBTQ+ community, supports for English language learners and therapeutic approaches in art education.

Our highly trained and experienced faculty are looking for candidates who are curious, who have a sense that something better is possible and who are bold enough to do the work. Come and join us for this one-of-a-kind experience. Let’s expand the field of art education together."