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Shuttle Transportation

Getting Around Safe and Sound


The College provides shuttle service each night during fall and spring semesters. During the posted hours, the shuttle will drive on major roads within the boundaries on the attached map. The route will pass Sweat Gym (1425 Arch Street), approximately one to two-block radius from Suburban Station on Arch Street and Edgewater Parking Garage. The shuttle is not a taxi service, it should not be driving outside of the boundaries and students should not expect door to door service from the shuttle. In the PDF below, you will find the shuttle route that we are going to use to start the year. Changes may be made later in the semester. The shuttle runs, roughly, every 45 minutes. This is weather, traffic, and street closing permitted.

SHUTTLE HOURS (7 days a week)
6:40 PM
7:25 PM
8:10 PM
8:55 PM
9:40 PM
10:25 PM
11:10 PM
11:55 PM
12:40 AM
1:25 AM

Additional Runs for Tuesday and Thursday:
2:10 AM
2:55 AM
3:40 AM
4:25 AM
5:10 AM

SHUTTLE ROUTE The shuttle will depart Moore at the time listed above. If you miss it, you will have to wait until the next scheduled run. If there is no demand for the shuttle, then it will not drive the route. SHUTTLE CANCELLATIONS The College may at times have to take the shuttle out of use due to inclement weather and/or repairs. Signs will be posted at Wilson Front Desk indicating cancellation. Individuals can also check with the Wilson Front Desk to see if the shuttle is in service. REMINDER: Food and drink are not permitted in the shuttle. QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS? Please contact Student Affairs at 215.965.4035