— by Mellany Armstrong
Five Moore students wearing masks are gathered around a covered pool table topped with framed art and rolled up pieces of art that they are readying to hang.

Pictured above, left to right: Illustration grads Asa Littlefield, Emma Cortellessa, Taylor Gaither, Brooklyn Seiple and Stephanie Weinger at the Philadelphia Sketch Club.

The Philadelphia Sketch Club is hosting work by Illustration graduates from Moore's class of 2020, but the only way to see the exhibition right now is by video.

The recent grads installed their senior thesis work in the Stewart Room gallery at the club at 235 S. Camac Street, America's oldest club for artists. The exhibition is titled "Moore College of Art & Design Illustration 2020 Senior Exhibition at the Philadelphia Sketch Club."

"We made arrangements for the exhibition to take place in November 2020," said Illustration Professor Rich Harrington. "We hoped the pandemic would have minimized by then." They had also planned to have a small reunion of the 2020 grads, and include friends and families as well. "Unfortunately, the week after we hung the work, the city announced tighter restrictions that included no indoor gatherings of any size."

A video of the exhibition was produced by Kaylie Minzola, a 2019 Moore Illustration alum who is the Sketch Club's gallery manager. Graduates who installed the artwork were Asa Littlefield, Taylor Gaither, Stephanie Weinger, Brooklyn Seiple and Emma Cortellessa. Each student from the class is represented in the exhibition.

The show will be up through at least February, Harrington said, and possibly longer, depending on how the pandemic plays out. See the video below!