Dear Moore students, faculty and staff:

Believe it or not, we are more than halfway through the spring semester, and that means thinking ahead about what happens in the summer and fall.

As a College community, we have done a wonderful job since March 2020 of keeping each other safe and healthy during various waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am happy to report that 98% of our faculty and staff are vaccinated, with 99% of that population boosted, which includes part-time employees. In addition, 99% of our students (undergraduate and graduate) are vaccinated and 87.9% boosted, with the latter statistic continuing to rise as more students become eligible for boosters. 

By individually committing to our own health and safety, we have been able to look out for each other and to create and foster a community of care here at Moore. This has helped us avoid outbreaks of infection on campus. Our COVID-19 dashboard, which continues to be updated on a weekly basis, reflects the current semester. I am pleased to say that our continued vigilance is still paying off.

In the spirit of keeping up the good work, the College will continue to require all new students, faculty, and staff beyond the spring 2022 semester to be fully vaccinated. This means three doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine (two initial shots + booster) or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine with a follow-up Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna booster shot.

Here is how the requirement breaks down for the various affected populations in our community:

  • All incoming undergraduate and graduate students in fall 2022, as well as any new faculty or staff (both full-time and part-time) will be held to this requirement, excluding those who have a medical or religious/faith-based exemption.
  • Summer Art & Design Institute students who will reside with us on campus for several weeks this summer are also required to be vaccinated and boosted.
  • Young Artists Workshop and Adult Continuing Education students will continue to be allowed to participate in our programs regardless of vaccination status, given the short amount of time they spend on campus.

If the City of Philadelphia’s All Clear COVID Response Level remains in place, masking will remain optional, and we will continue to promote a culture of respect about that personal choice. Please keep in mind that the College reserves the right to change our guidelines at any time, and that we will adhere to any changes or updates to City mandates.

As we look forward to our calendar of exciting annual events that mark the end of the school year, I am grateful that we are able to look ahead with clear eyes and sound judgment. I look forward to celebrating with all of you in the weeks ahead, especially our graduating seniors.

Best Wishes,
Cecelia Fitzgibbon