— by Mellany Armstrong, Associate Director of Communications
young woman with short blonde hair clutching a bouquet of flowers

Above: 2021 Valedictorian Christa Faas

Moore students who have excelled in their artistry and academics were commended at the 2021 Honors Convocation, held Friday, April 16. 

For the second year, the ceremony was presented online, and students were welcomed to the festivities by Moore President Cecelia Fitzgibbon. 

“We are so very proud of these young women, who are poised to become creative citizens of the world,” said Fitzgibbon. “They will be a success in their careers because of the foundation of hard work and determination they have developed at Moore.” 

Fitzgibbon acknowledged the unusual circumstances both faculty and students were in this past academic year. 

Those of you being honored today have most successfully overcome the challenges of an entirely new academic landscape during a challenging and tumultuous year,” she said. “To have done work that is ‘good enough’ this year is itself an accomplishment; to truly excel, however, is something you can be proud of for the rest of your lives. You have set a higher standard of excellence by aspiring to reach a level of true artistic and academic greatness. You have proven how strong you are and how much you can accomplish.” 

Christa Faas, a Graphic Design major and Business minor, was named valedictorian of the Class of 2021. 

Recipients of the 2021 Penny Fox Internship Fellowship Award are Graphic Design major Annais Delgado-SanchezCuratorial Studies major Shannon Ferrari, Animation & Game Arts major Kendall Lowinger, Photography & Digital Arts major Emily Morton and Fashion Design major Samantha Williams.

Animation & Game Arts majors Kendall Lowinger and Merci Elliott are co-winners of the Happy Fernandez Women’s Leadership Fellowship. Interior Design major Haley Pattinson was presented with the Tiffany & Co. Women’s Leadership Fellowship.

Curatorial Studies major Lily Feinstein was awarded the Sarah Peter Travel Fellowship and Frieda Fehrenbacher International Travel Fellowship; Fashion Design majors Tara Pemba and Wah Wah Paw received the Sis Grenald Travel Fellowship; and Interior Design major Natasha Canavarro won the Harriet Sartain Travel Fellowship.

Fine Arts major Fina Grimes received the Harriet Glashofer Jolles Memorial Prize in Fine Arts. 

Illustration major Selena Barnish won the Miriam Troop ’38 Portrait Award, which is a Foundation Department award presented to honor and inspire gifted first-year students in their study of portraiture. 

Taking first, second and third place in the 2022 Roosevelt Paper Calendar Competition was Kyla Irizarry. 

Two students received the inaugural Anna Russell Jones Award. The award was established for underrepresented students to honor Anna Russell Jones, the first African American graduate of Moore and a highly esteemed textile designer and medical illustrator. The recipient of this award is selected each year by the Diversity Committee to subsidize students’ purchase of art kits, books, transportation costs and meals during the current or next academic semester.  

Dean's List recipients included (SP = Spring 2020, FA = Fall 2020): 

Animation & Game Arts: Sarah Barden SP, Caitlin Boggia-Bohmer SP FA, Nicole Braccili SP FA, Abbegale Brickner SP FA, Serena Burgos SP FA, Miranda Candidi SP FA, Madison Diaz SP FA, Merci Elliott SP FA, Melissa Evans SP FA, Michaelah Flanigan SP, Izabel Garcillano SP FA, Leah Gonzalez SP FA, Djah Hankerson SP FA, Kayla Hee, SP FA, Laura Howard SP FA, Faith Hoysted SP FA, Marisa Johnson SP FA, Christy LaRocco SP FA, Leslie Lippold FA, Kendall Lowinger SP FA, McKenna Maloney SP FA, Samantha Miduri SP FA, Greta Motter SP FA, Jennifer Murray SP FA, Maya Orso SP FA, Olivia Pavucek SP FA, Jade Peters SP FA, Audrey Quesnel SP FA, Kassandra Ramos SP FA, Delaney Rhodes SP FA, Zoe Rickman SP FA, Lexi Rodriguez SP FA, Victoria Schoellhammer SP FA, Samantha Schraner SP FA, Emily Shaw SP FA, Ananda Sidney-Keith FA, Cassandra Silverman SP FA, Savannah Snyder  SP FA, Alexis Sydorko SP FA, Jennifer Tran SP, Ariana Williams SP, Bailey Williams FA. 

Art Education: Taylor Anderson FA, Laura Barrett SP FA, Kendyl Boyd SP FA, Arianna Harder SP, Brianna Hayes SP, Sara Swarlis SP FA, Jacqueline Timbrook SP, Nina Valdera SP. 

Art History: Lucie Allen SP FA, Ashley Steffen SP FA. 

Curatorial Studies: Deanna Emmons SP, Lily Feinstein SP FA, Shannon Ferrari SP FA, Laila Islam SP FA. 

Fine Arts: Elina Alejo SP FA, Cassidy Argo, SP FA Leanna Bacani SP FA, Hannah Emert SP, Takia Gibbs SP FA, Josephine Grimes SP FA, Hannah Karten FA, Carolina Marin SP FA, Sarah Matheny SP, Emma Patricco FA, Eden Sakal  SP FA, Jennifer Schneck SP FA, Seung Hyun Song SP, Victoria Stone SP FA, Sarah Swartz SP FA, Savannah Vetter SP. 

Fashion Design: Julianna Almandoz SP, Tania Crowell FA, Sophia DeMers FA, Brittney Do SP FA, Karyn Kittrell SP, Alyssa Lucas FA, Wah Wah Paw SP FA, Kamille Payamps SP FA, Tara Pemba SP FA, Alexandra Riascos SP, Jasmine Schulte SP, Ashley Skrypek SP FA, Noelle Small SP, Ariella Tucker SP, Bayley Warner SP FA, Samantha Williams SP FA. 

Graphic Design: Devon Bojtschewsky SP FA, Kal Bracey SP FA, Dan Callahan FA, Natalie Cosentini SP FA, Dariel Davis FAAnnais Delgado SP FALindsey Dugger SP FA, Julia Dykyj FA, Christa Faas SP FA, Brooke Friend SP FA, Chloe Grucza SP FA, Kimberly Ismael SP, Sara Johnson SP FA, Zonnel Jane Magante SP FA, Adrianna Moore SP FA, Abigail Obfenda SP FA, Madison Phillips SP FA, Isabella Piagentini SP FA, Katie Rosenberger SP FA, Emma Selby SP FA, Marlyce Tarver SP FA.

Illustration: Cyanne Alvelo SP FA, Lauren Balogh FA, Melanie Bambrick SP FA, Selena Barnish FA, Kaitlyn Botak SP, Jessica Buccigrossi SP FA, Emily Conklin SP FA, Hailey Cooper FA, Emma Cortellessa SP, Megan Crabill SP, Brianna Cronin SP, Gabriella Ellis FA, Catherine Epps SP FA, Kayla Fox SP FA, Ryan Harris FA, Laura Hodes SP FA, Deborah Jacobi SP FA, Juliette Jakab SP FA, Christina Kim SP FA, Rebecca Krauss SP FA, Gia Leotta SP FA, Asa Littlefield SP, Chianna Mac SP, Elena Maldonado FA, Kayla Marable SP FA, Leanna Marks SP, Diane McComas FA, Jude Mertens SP FA, Sidney Mesa SP FA, Ashley Monteiro SP, Kathleen Mosley SP FA, Jacquelin Moulder SP, Kaitlyn Newman SP, Angela Palma SP, Katerri Riggio FA, Josephine Rowley SP FA, Cara Rusk SP FA, Brooklyn Seiple SP, Rachel Sersea FA, Leah Stein FA, Kasey Uhter SP FA, Allison Warren SP, Stephanie Weinger SP, Leanna Yatcilla FA.

Interior Design: Ashley Adams SP, Natasha Canavarro SP FA, Victoria Cross SP FA, Hailey Dever SP FA, Lucy Franck FA, Delaina George SP FAChante Howard SP FA, Destiny Irby-Whitford FA, Abby Koutch SP, Sophia Le SP FA, McKaylah Marshall SP FA, Mallory Nielsen FA, Eleni Palamidis SP FA, Shelby Robbins SP FA, Alexa Rosenblatt SP, Alexandra Roth FA, Gabrielle Schreiber SP, Alisa Sepulveda SP FA, Taylor Smith SP, Jillian Snowden SP FA, Gabrielle Thomas SP FA.

Photography: Hannah Aust SP FA, Natalie Clesi SP FA, Kenyssa Evans SP, Emily Frizzelle SP, Victoria Gallagher SP, Amelia Gish SP FA, Kelly Hare SP, Madeline Milliken SP FA, Emily Morton SP FA, Amanda Neagle SP FA, Tatiana Oliveras SP FA, Ashlyn Ringenary SP FA, Claudia Rubio FAMelissa Yates SPJazmin Almodovar FA.