— by Mellany Armstrong, Associate Director of Communications

Sophomore Graphic Design student Natalie Cosentini is toasting her latest achievement with bubbly -- bubbly root beer, that is!

Cosentini designed a poster to mark the marriage of Hank's Root Beer and cheesesteaks in celebration of National Cheesesteak Month. Her design, which incorporates Hank's iconic glass root beer bottle into the Philadelphia city skyline, won her a $500 cash prize and a two-month supply of Hank's Root Beer.

Hank's Root Beer invited students at Philadelphia-area art colleges to participate in its inaugural poster competition. The prize for the best? "Fame, fortune and fizz," according to Hank's.

Cosentini said her Graphic Design teacher Dorothy Funderwhite told the class about the contest. Several Moore students participated.

"The contest guidelines were to have a full Hank's bottle and the company's hashtag and website in the poster," she said. Everything else was up to the designer.

"I was really drawn to the root beer bottle itself because the glass bottles are so iconic," Cosentini said. "I messed around with creating an outline of the actual Hank's bottle and then positioned them to mimic a skyline. I also took the red color in the poster straight from the Hank's logo."

The poster will be used in displays in hundreds of venues nationwide.

"I haven't gotten my root beer yet, but I can't wait because I love traditional root beer in the glass bottles," she said.