— by Jordan Cameron, Marketing & Communications Specialist
Photo of students gathered around the new fireplace in Sartain Hall

In January, Sartain Hall underwent the latest in a series of recent renovations to the communal area, including a new fireplace for students to gather around and stay cozy in cooler months. 

Sartain Hall, Moore’s off-campus residence hall, located just around the corner at 2039 Cherry Street, offers students a residential experience that connects them with the city of Philadelphia, providing more of a city-living feel. 

Most rooms in Sartain are single rooms, which makes it a great option for students who like to have a space that is entirely their own. In addition to the private rooms, Sartain has a communal lounge available for all students to come together and spend time in, including a pool table, cable television and the latest addition: a brand new fireplace.  

The new fireplace was made possible thanks to the generosity of many donors, and will give the next generation of Moore students a warm place to gather in the winter months. Donors coming together through the OneMoore Annual Fund make projects like this possible.

Sartain Hall was named after the Sartain family in 1962 because for three generations, members of the Sartain family contributed greatly to the education and training of women in the arts in Philadelphia. Members of the family include John Sartain, Board Director (1868–1897), Emily Sartain, Principal (1886–1917) and Harriet Sartain, Dean (1920–1947).