Moore juniors and seniors spruced up their resumes and practiced their pitches for the 2019 Internship Fair held March 29 in the Great Hall. 

The fair, sponsored by the Locks Career Center, featured 20 companies, ranging from a brewery to the Free Library.

Belena Chapp, director of the Career Center, said there were a number of new companies participating this year, and that the employers have opportunities for students in every major.

"If you're a graphic designer, you could work for a fashion designer," she said. "If you're in animation, you might be able to work for an architecture firm." 

Students lined up, portfolios in hand, to find the match for their junior-year required internship. Seniors who attended were looking to find jobs.

"I'm mostly looking for a place that is easy to get to, pays well and will be engaging, and where I can learn," said Graphic Design senior Frankie Patterson

Graphic Design junior Samara Pagan said she looked forward to being in a business setting.

"I'd like to work in a smaller setting where I could work with someone else and get experience and see what it's like working there day to day," she said.

Hannah Emert, a Fine Arts major who likes to work with recycled fabrics, hoped to find an internship that fits her style.

"I'm looking for an organization that deals with upcycling or is nonprofit," she said. "I don't want to pollute the world more than it already is."

Employers were looking for students to work in areas like art administration, textiles, teaching, graphic design and LGBT issues.

Sara Zia Ebrahimi, program director at the Leeway Foundation, said character was important.

"Showing up on time, being reliable, communicating clearly -- those are more of the things we're looking for than necessarily having all the hard skills, because those are the things we can mentor in part of the internship process," she said. 

Rafael Damast, exhibitions program manager and curator at Taller Puertorriqueño, was seeking specific qualities in a summer intern.

"Independence, curiosity, imagination," he said. His intern will help with promotions, advertising, running a youth program, and curating an exhibition.

Companies participating in the 2019 Internship Fair included:

• Campbell Soup Company • Deux Wave • Free Library Culinary Literacy Center • InLiquid • Janell Wysock Textiles • Leeway Foundation • Main Line Art Center • Philadelphia Brewing Company / Commonwealth Ciders • Quadratron Games • Sparks (A Global Brand Experience) • Tackett & Company • Taller Puertorriqueño • Visit Philly • Tattooed Mom Philadelphia • Image 8 Nineteen • Tait Towers • HDR Inc. • PhotoPopPhilly (and PhillyPRGirl) • Jovan O’Conner