A course in which Moore students were to reimagine the Academy of Natural Sciences’ animal dioramas took an about face when the coronavirus pandemic shut down in-person collaborations. Instead, the students created a collaborative class field guide that documents their course, “Beyond Green: Art and Sustainability” that was held on campus and online this spring.

Led by Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Director in Socially Engaged Art Daniel Tucker, the students created “Beyond Green: A Field Guide,” which describes their class journey through written entries and artwork.

The students went on field trips, met with artists who create with sustainability in mind, and engaged with organizations that promote ecology. They explored topics such as water, waste, climate change and public policy, and problem-solving to address the issues.

“The semester ended with a ‘Next Steps’ assignment where students apply to a real-world program that might allow them to further develop their thinking, or to take experience from the class and apply it to a hypothetical or real application that will further their artistic research in the intersection of art/design and ecology,” Tucker said. “There is no doubt that in the future these students will realize these kinds of opportunities and transform their communities with impactful ecological art.”

The guide features the work and art of Moore College of Art & Design students Aly CattlettKyleigh CooperShannon FerrariSophia GerbrachtMckenzie GivenLeeanna IzquierdoJaidy Lopez BatistaEden SakalLily ScharffVictoria Schoellhammer and Cam Schraner