President Cathy Young, First Lady Lori Shapiro and members of her staff posing for a photo

Lori Shapiro, the First Lady of Pennsylvania, visited Moore’s campus as a guest of President Cathy Young. 

Student Ambassadors Mylee Vasquez ’25 and Cecelia Jones ’24 gave the First Lady a tour of Moore’s campus, making stops along the way in an Illustration class with Rich Harrington and in the brand new VAULT to speak with Stephen Wood about the ways the new space support students from AGA to Fine Arts and everything between. 

First Lady Lori Shapiro, Cathy Young, Cecelia Jones and Mylee Vasquez posing for a photo

First Lady Lori Shapiro speaking with Stephen Wood in the VAULT

First Lady Shapiro also spent time in the Galleries at Moore, speaking with Gabrielle Suzenski about the Faculty Triennial and the upcoming student shows, and browsed the student and alumni work for sale in the Art Shop. 

First Lady Lori Shapiro in the Galleries at Moore

First Lady Lori Shapiro and Cathy Young browsing in the Art Shop

Photos by Jordan Cameron.