— by Mellany Armstrong

Two Moore alums are using their talents in a comedian’s get-out-the-vote Instagram series.*

Working with the Philadelphia studio Deux Wave, Lauren Niedelman ’18 and Rozz Zimmerman ’19 helped create the animation and graphics package for Ilana Glazer’s IGTV show Cheat Sheet for the Voting Booth. 

“Working on this mini-series for Ilana Glazer has been a really cool experience,” Niedelman said. “The aim is to encourage young voters to make a plan to show up en masse for this election. Having the opportunity to contribute to such an important project really lights up that creative spark.” 

In the series that began in August, Glazer interviews “a bunch of hot cool people,” including Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Kravitz, Kristen Bell and Lil’ Dicky. The series is backed by the online political discussion platform Generator Collective and the digital-focused Democratic super PAC PACRONYM. 

Zimmerman interned for Deux Wave while she was a student at Moore. Niedelman is a designer for Allied Wire & Cable in Collegeville, PA. She also does freelance work for Deux Wave as a cel animator. 

“The producers wanted this to be a fun and approachable series for young people, so a lot of the work that I did had to do with creating little reaction animations to add something extra to the interviews,” Niedelman said. “During the week, Deux Wave director Raymo Ventura would hit me up with something like, ‘Hey, we need some kind of fire graphic for this scene,’ and I would have the creative freedom to animate what I thought would work best for that particular shot. It’s been a lot of fun experimenting and bouncing ideas off of each other.” 


Niedelman’s advice to current Moore students who are trying to break into their desired industries is to make friends in the field. 

“Have like-minded people that you can talk shop and collaborate with,” she suggests. “It’s good for your creativity and you never know what doors may open up when you start connecting with other people.

She recommends checking out the group Philanimators on Instagram and Facebook, which was started by some of the Deux Wave crew. It’s a place where animators and artists meet up via Zoom to hangout, draw together, and talk about what projects everyone is working on.

“Additionally, dedication to your craft is important but remember that you're also human,” Niedelman said. “Sleep when you're tired, eat when you're hungry, take a day off from art if you need to. Your creativity will still be there when you're ready.”

See more of Niedelman’s work here. See more of Zimmerman’s work here.

*Moore College of Art & Design does not endorse political candidates. This story reflects the activities of Moore alumni.