Dear friends and colleagues,

As we reach out to each other from living rooms, home offices and kitchen tables, I’ve been moved by all the different ways in which Moore’s community refuses to be kept apart. The College is more than just the buildings we inhabit on Logan Circle—it is the people who encourage, inspire and engage with each other in the spirit of fearless creativity and collaboration. The world needs more places like Moore, where the faces in the hallway are familiar and the classroom is a place you can feel free to be yourself. In this moment, I feel especially lucky to be part of Moore.

Our tight-knit community is more important than ever, because it will carry us forward and help us flourish. Whether we spend time together in person or virtually, it all adds up. In that spirit, I hope you’ll join me online for #CommunityMeansMoore, where we’re gathering warm wishes from near and far, across the digital landscape. We’ve retrofitted our crowdfunding platform into a crowd-uniting platform, as a way of reaching across the internet to say hello. Whether you’re a current student, faculty member or a member of our vast alumni network, we want to hear from you—say hi, and if you have time, tell us about your experiences: your pets that interrupt online class discussions and meetings, your shifts in perspective and your home studio set-ups!

If you want to participate, use the hashtag #CommunityMeansMoore on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter when you’re sharing stories, memes, artwork in progress, etc., that you would normally share in person. You can also use the platform’s “Personal Plea” feature to upload a short video message, like this one.

We hope this can be a space for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends to feel a sense of community over the next few months, and because we’re using a giving platform, I want to be completely clear: No donation is necessary. The gift is you.

I know that we will get through this uncertain time together through shared generosity and creativity. I look forward to seeing you in the hallways again soon.


Elizabeth K. Cahill
Vice President for Institutional Advancement