Every year, Moore’s annual Fashion Show promotional material originates with one of the senior Fashion Design student’s looks from their final collection. The chosen design is then translated into graphic assets by two Graphic Design students for the Marketing & Communications department to use in promoting the upcoming event. Read on to hear from the artists and designers who came together to work collaboratively on this year’s project. 

And make sure you get your tickets for Moore’s 2023 Fashion Show, Friday May 12 at 8 pm at the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History in Old City. Tickets are already selling fast! 

Marissa Timinski Headshot

Marissa Timinski ’23 (she/her), Fashion Design with a minor in Business 

My favorite part about working on my design was coming up with the design itself. I enjoyed the process of researching and figuring out how I was going to construct this garment, since it’s an intricate design made from beaded pearls. The process was more like jewelry making, which I have never done before, and it was fun to try something new.    

When designing my collection, I really wanted to have a look that was a statement piece. My collection explores escapism and I wanted to put in all my effort and do something I’ve never done before. The most rewarding part was working on the photoshoot. I love seeing the garment come to life on a model. 

I am excited and grateful for the opportunity for my design to be selected for the Fashion Show’s promotional materials. I hope everyone is as excited as I am to see the seniors’ full collections walk the runway at this year’s Fashion Show.   

Claudia Rubio

Claudia Rubio ’24 (she/her), Photography

I was the photographer for the Fashion Design junior collections last year, so to see their growth and ideas develop has been amazing. I know the majority of the Fashion Design majors personally and have observed their process in creating their first looks, so the opportunity to photograph them is very rewarding and so much fun! The seniors weren’t afraid to speak their mind and let me know what their vision was and how they wanted their looks conveyed. I like to get their opinion on posing and editing to ensure they are the happiest they can be when they receive their photos.

My favorite part about working on this project was the seniors' ability to be experimental with their looks. I brought colored LEDs and a few students were open to trying them out, and we got some amazing results. The seniors are using these photos in their portfolios and on their websites.

I have enjoyed working with the Fashion Design department on this collaboration. It has truly opened my eyes to the excitement of the fashion community and has made me realize just how much I love fashion photography.

Ari Lopez

Ari Lopez ’23 (she/her), Graphic Design

I collaborated with my fellow classmate, Abby Obfenda, to create the physical and digital design assets for the show. My favorite part of this project was collaborating with Abby. It was easy to communicate and get on the same page. We don’t always get the opportunity to work on projects together in class.

I learned that tackling a design issue can be much easier when working with another designer. I felt that things were executed faster when we discussed in real time. 

Abby Obfenda

Abby Obfenda ’23 (she/her), Graphic Design

I worked alongside my design partner, Ari Lopez. Our initial ideas in response to the selected look were very similar, and so we were able to combine them very easily and design both physical and digital assets for the show. I was glad to have this opportunity to establish the branding for an event such as this!

My favorite part about this project was creating a design language that emphasized Marissa Timinski’s look and an overall mood that is both simplistic and modern. Applying our established design language across different assets was a good challenge that allowed me to problem solve in different ways. 

Throughout this process, I learned about facing design obstacles and how to solve them efficiently. Working with Ari helped to create a stronger design as we could easily communicate with each other and bring our unique perspectives to the table.