— by Darian Ehya, Graphic Design & Website Coordinator
Headshot of Annais Delgado, surrounded by design pulled from their 2022 Senior Show design concept.

Every year, Moore Graphic Design seniors create design concepts for the annual Senior Show, which features final thesis collections from graduating students in all majors. One look, inspired by Moore’s institutional brand, is chosen to represent the event—and this year, Annais Delgado ’22 was tapped to complete print and digital assets that promote the exhibition and VIP reception.

Read our Q&A with Delgado below, and then make a plan to see the 2022 Senior Show, on view from April 27 through May 14.


Can you tell us who you are? 

My name is Annais Delgado Sanchez (they/them), Graphic Design major and Animation & Game Arts minor, graduating in 2022.

How did it feel to be selected for the 2022 Senior Show creative design?

It felt extremely validating! It’s really cool whenever students get the chance to show their skills and be selected for opportunities like this by Moore. It was exciting to see the invitation in person and to see it sent out to my internship supervisors as well as my professors. It’s also featured in the kiosk in the lobby and in posts online. It’s always so satisfying to see your designs out in the world.

What was the concept behind your design?

I wanted to visualize the idea that students all come through Moore and grow together as a community, and then branch out into their own careers and lives. I was inspired by the idea of subway maps and the interconnectivity of where people all meet and then go off on their own. 

One of the most important aspects of my college experience has been these connections and these points where my path crossed others' paths and how that has impacted me and will continue to in the future. Graduating is such a huge turning point in students’ lives and it’s important we remember all we have been able to accomplish and experience, and the relationships we have gained in our journey as we move forward.

What was your favorite part about working on this project?

My favorite part was designing the invitation as well as the social media materials. I don’t often get to design materials that will be printed into real-world objects so being able to see that process was really engaging and fun. For the social media materials, it was nice to use the skills I have learned at my current internship, where we focus heavily on social media marketing. It made for a good mix of doing something I have experience in and doing something new that I can learn from. I also just enjoyed seeing it all in person and existing online.

What inspired you to get into graphic design?

I think what really attracted me and intrigued me about graphic design is the potential of storytelling and bringing awareness to something, whether that is a campaign, a cause or a product. Graphic design can often be seen as very commercial, which can be true, but also I’m personally interested in the other side of that and how far can we push and blur the boundaries of design and art. Good design can really tell a story in such a beautiful and universal way. It doesn’t all have to be just about branding, packaging, etc. It can be about spreading a message, helping a community, interaction and engagement.

What are you looking forward to after graduation?

I’m looking forward to diving head-first into my career as a designer but also exploring what else is out there for me as a creative. I hope to be able to find time to exercise other creative practices outside of design like illustration and printmaking. I’m also looking forward to engaging more with the art and design community in Philly at large.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments during your time at Moore?

Besides graduating, I’m very proud of myself for being involved on campus in clubs and organizations like Student Government, Diversity Committee, and for founding Alianza Latinx. I don’t think my college experience would have been as fulfilling if I hadn’t taken the time to become involved. I’m also proud and grateful for being chosen for various fellowships throughout my time here like the Penny Fox Internship Fellowship and a Leadership Fellowship.

Do you have advice for future Moore students/fellow designers?

My advice to students is to be open to all the opportunities around you, apply for what you can, take part in clubs or organizations and take the time to make lasting connections with your peers, because that’s something that will stay with you after college. For other designers I will also say to find what makes you excited to be a designer, no matter how niche it is, and work towards that. If you’re into motion graphics, branding or publication design, whatever it is, jump into it and learn what you can. Because no matter how niche something may seem, there will be an opportunity out there for you to dive into that, and that will bring you fulfillment in your practice.