— by Ali Schwyter, Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Photo of Art Education graduates and Director of Art Education, Lauren Stichter, at Art Education 2021 Commencement

All photography by Senia Lopez Photography

Moore celebrated its graduates of the Master of Arts in Art Education with an Emphasis on Special Populations Program with an intimate commencement on August 6 in Fox Commons. The College recognized Meghann Altomare, Adrienne Justice, Laure Krumenacker, Kelly Marrone, and Lyndsay Rose Tingler for all of the tremendous work they have produced during their time at Moore. 

Photo of Art Education Director Lauren Stichter and Moore College president Cecelia Fitzgibbon smiling and clapping at Art Education 2021 Commencement

President Cecelia Fitzgibbon opened the ceremony with a heartfelt speech. Referring to the graduating class as “small but mighty,” she touched on their triumphs throughout the year. 

“Adapt” seemed to be the word of the night. Graduates, faculty, staff, friends and families, and many more had to adapt to life as they once knew. President Fitzgibbon thanked the faculty, along with families and friends of the graduates, because “being a graduate student depends in part upon the support of those around you.” Although they are entering uncertain times, President Fitzgibbon reassured the 2021 graduates that they are equipped to handle anything because of their ability to think flexibly, creatively, and critically as well as their capability to adapt. 

Art Education diploma cases stacked

The ceremony came to a close as Lauren Stichter, Director of Art Education, handed out diplomas and gave a brief summary of what the graduates each focused on for their completed thesis exhibits. After much applause, hugs, and congratulations, the graduates, along with friends and family, gathered in The Galleries at Moore for a reception. 

Art Education graduates and director Lauren Stichter walking at the Art Education 2021 Commencement

Each of the graduates had their theses on display in the Galleries for accessible viewing. 

  • Meghann Altomare touched on the impact of cisnormative and heteronormative language use on LGBTQ+ students in the art room.
  • Adrienne Justice studied the impact of sensitivity and imagination from teaching artists during the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • Laure Krumenacker analyzed culturally responsive teaching approaches in community-based art through the experiences of multicultural teaching artists. 
  • Kelly Marrone dedicated time to researching the overall effects of choice-based art education on first-year teachers and students. 
  • Finally, Lyndsay Rose Tingler took a deeper dive into the social-emotional learning visual art curriculum in order to foster positive self-esteem for girls with bipolar disorder. 

Photo of Kelly Marrone pointing at her thesis presentation at the Art Education 2021 Commencement

Congratulations to the class of 2021 for graduating with perseverance, drive and passion for art education!

Kelly Marrone holding up her diploma and smiling in front of a screen saying, "Congratulations to the class of 2021!"