Kate Gugliotta is an adjunct instructor who teaches STEAM for Special Populations.

"It's a unique class that began as a course to help art teachers feel more comfortable incorporating technology into their teaching. In the past four years that I've taught the course, it's expanded into a class that investigates how technology can be used not only as a teaching tool, but as its own art medium. Students are asked to keeping a daily drawing diary with an iPad and to play around with digital photography techniques, which gives them a different way to interpret the world than pencils or paint might allow. The class also explores the other parts of STEAM (Science, Technology, and Mathematics) and considers how art teachers can weave these subjects into their teaching and find seamless connections. We explore artists who use science as inspiration, as well as have design challenges and work with circuits and 3D printing. Within each lesson, we examine how, as educators, we can make these lessons accessible for studies of all abilities.

"I am a full-time elementary art teacher at a private school in Pittsburgh, PA. I also write and present my research at art education conferences both in the U.S. and internationally. I'm going to participate in a program with the Tate Modern this summer for a week, which I'm really excited about. I also paint, draw and screen print.

"I enjoy dancing, singing, cooking, traveling and hanging out with my family and friends. I just moved to Pittsburgh from New York, so I'm getting to know my new city and explore all it has to offer."