Moore’s Master of Arts in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations is a rigorous program that prepares and empowers art educators to develop skills for adapting and implementing strategies that enrich the lives of all learners. Our candidates graduate prepared to enter the classroom and to advance the field of art education through their everyday practice.

Director of Art Education Lauren Stichter is currently working on the 2021 Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PAEA) Conference, which will be hosted by Moore in October. She’s also consulting on the 2021 Virtual Disabilities Studies, Arts & Education conference, hosted by Aalto University in Espoo, Finland, next fall. Stichter completed her final year as president of the National Art Education Association Special Needs in Art Education Interest Group.

Faculty member Susan Coll-Guedes was elected to the Board of Education in New Jersey.

Faculty member Amanda Newman-Godfrey is this year’s Faculty Forum president at Moore.

New faculty member Kat Lee MA ’18 is teaching Research Methodology and Independent Research for the first time, two core courses that guide the thesis process.

Faculty member Diane Wilkin was named Outstanding Art Educator of the Year by the PAEA.

Graduate student Lisa Temples MA ’22 spoke at the 2020 PAEA conference.

Suzanne Joyal MA ’20 facilitated two Special Needs in Art Education virtual meet-ups, connecting art educators from across the country.

Jordan Munoz ’21 is the 2020 Croy West Scholar. She is in her first year of teaching.

Art Education major Emily Burke ’22 received the 1933 AMDG Foundation Scholarship, which supports Moore undergraduate Art Education and Illustration majors and Ursinus College attendees.