— by Laura Volkening, Assistant Director of Admissions

Accepted Student Day is an event held every spring where we get to welcome the incoming class to campus and connect them with the Moore community. It’s a fun event where incoming students can meet their future classmates and imagine what starting classes in the fall will look like for them. While we would have loved to have hosted the event on campus, we still wanted to create the opportunity for the incoming students to meet the people who make Moore.

"Accepted Student Day is one of our favorite events of the year, so it was really great to connect with students and share their excitement for the future!"

 - Genevieve Arnone, Admissions Counselor

We knew we wanted to share with incoming students the level of excitement and passion we all have for the students here, so with the help of the Marketing & Communications team, we published short videos of staff, faculty and current students discussing what Moore means to them. Accepted Student Day is one of our favorite events to connect incoming students with our community, so we are grateful to have these videos as a resource for incoming students to watch. Check them out at the bottom of the Accepted Student page 

"Everyone asked such great questions, and you could really feel the sense of community, even from afar!"

- Chloe Sun, Admissions Counselor

The event kicked off with a message from Moore President Cecelia Fitzgibbon. Now more than ever, community is such a strong focal point and source of strength, and her message felt very poignant. If you missed the event, you can watch a recording of her message to accepted students on the Accepted Student page!

Following Cecelia, Dean of Students Dr. Joshua Wilkin walked through the many resources and opportunities available to students outside the classroom. While classes are always a top priority, a lot of learning happens outside the classroom, too! Josh shared the resources Moore offers, from Educational Support Services, which includes peer-tutors, student accommodations, the Writer’s Studio and more, to fun aspects of Moore like our annual Halloween party, free access to Sweat Fitness, and student clubs like the Black Student Union club, the Dungeons and Dragons club, and many more! 

We wrapped up the first portion of the day with a Q&A with Senior Admissions Counselor Kim Brickley, diving into the students’ most pressing questions. There are a lot of unknowns right now for our students and their families, and we were happy to answer many questions. 

“Even in a virtual space, the participating students were able to convey their excitement for their interest in Moore. They were totally engaged, and we were answering great questions from them nonstop for almost a full half hour!”

– Kim Brickley, Senior Admissions Counselor

Following the Q&A portion of the event, students were invited to join a faculty-hosted Zoom meeting for each major. It’s hard to express how the close connections of students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of the school can have such a big impact on an individual’s career trajectory, but we hope our excitement and amount of support we have for our students was conveyed virtually.  

"At Moore, students get to experience one-on-one interactions with the faculty often, so seeing the incoming students talking with the faculty about the curriculum and their particular interests at the end of the event is really what we're about. I'm glad we could still offer this type of experience, even online!"

- Jasmine Zateeny, Campus Visit Coordinator

Overall, the staff, faculty and current students who participated in the event had a blast. After hosting this and a few of our other virtual events, we are now even more excited to meet everyone in person this fall! We still have a few more virtual events through the spring, so it’s not too late to register for these! We’ve been posting them on the Accepted Student page, and we are looking forward to those. Right now we have a panel with faculty members available for accepted students, and a panel for parents to ask questions that are top-of-mind, with a few more we are working on getting out, too!

Accepted students have been chatting in the “Moore Bound in 2020” Discord server and making connections there, and it’s been fun to see them share their art. We have some really talented incoming students and we can’t wait to have everyone back to campus soon!