— by Kylie Cropper, Admissions Counselor
Photo of a black and white print of an octopus shot with arrows by Admissions Counselor Kylie Cropper

Above: Print by Kylie Cropper, Admissions Counselor

"You can’t sit around and wait for somebody to say who you are. You need to write it and paint it and do it.” 
—Faith Ringgold

Over the last year we have all been made aware that some traditions need to be overhauled and rewritten. The “traditional” pathway of a student is becoming less linear, and for good reason. At Moore, we recognize our non-traditional students’ journeys and value their divergent paths that led them to us. 

Nontraditional students may choose to stray from the societal norm of attending college immediately after high school in order to save money, to self-reflect, or to pursue every possible path. No matter the reason, we celebrate these students and their commitment to earn a degree. 

For many artists, our paths are anything but linear. They are twisted, upside down and coated in paint. After high school, I chose to deviate from the “standard” path because I was unsure in every sense of the word. I knew then that the investment of higher education, while worth it, was just that: an investment. Understanding this, I wanted to explore every avenue at my disposal to truly know where I wanted to go next. 

Three years later, I enrolled at an art school to major in printmaking! I had all the fears a new student might have walking into my first class, but I never worried about whether I was doing the right thing for me. Those three years propelled my self-awareness and desire to obtain a degree in the arts. Now, post-graduation, I have the great opportunity to work with amazing creators at Moore as an Admissions Counselor

The life of a creative is built on the idea of adaptability. When we get a smudge on a print, we have a list of ways to amend that problem. We make exceptional students and Moore will always need more of us; traditional and not-so-traditional. 

At Moore, we are not in the business of adding stress to our prospective and current students’ lives. Instead, we will support and guide you through your higher education endeavors. If you are a non-traditional student with a question about Moore and how we work, no matter how broad the question, call us! We would love to help you begin to see the next steps that we know you are so capable of fulfilling. 

If you are looking to apply now, you can visit this link or reach out to the Moore Admissions team with questions! We are here for all students and we look forward to hearing your stories through your artwork this fall!