AIGA Philadelphia is proud to announce the recipient of the 2020 AIGA Philadelphia Scholarship, Annais Delgado Sanchez, a junior at Moore College of Art & Design majoring in graphic design and minoring in animation.

The AIGA Philadelphia Scholarship has been established as an annual scholarship program that supports local Philadelphia-area graphic design students through the award of financial assistance to pursue their education. With this scholarship, AIGA hopes to build upon the foundation of community evident in the Philadelphia Chapter by providing a young designer the opportunity to share their vision with the world. The recipient is chosen on the merits of their application and demonstration of need.

The following article was provided by AIGA Philadelphia. Scroll down to see an animation produced by Delgado Sanchez.

Annais Delgado Sanchez '22 is a graphic designer, illustrator and animator. Their work spans across branding, publication design, moving imagery, printmaking and illustration. They are currently a student majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Animation at Moore College of Art & Design. In school they have not only explored their art practice but have also been involved within their school community as a student leader. They are passionate about making a difference with their art and promoting positivity and diversity within their work.

Would you like to share more about your family or personal story?

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, my family and I moved to the US during my Sophomore year of high school. I have three siblings and we have been raised by our mother for most of our lives. I’m also a first-generation college student and known as the artist of the family. My family has always been my rock and biggest support system, especially my mother. She has always believed in me and encouraged me to be whatever I want to be even if others would say it’s impossible. I’m truly grateful to have grown up in such an open and accepting household. It allowed me to explore much of myself and my aspirations and goals in life.

Annais Delgado Latinx Punk Accordion Zine Collection, 2020, Digital Layouts printed on Premium Matte PaperRight: Annais Delgado Sanchez, Latinx Punk Accordion Zine Collection, 2020, digital layouts printed on premium matte paper. 

Becoming an artist has been my dream and goal since I could remember. I have known from a young age that I would develop my artistic abilities into something more than just a hobby. But up until I moved to the United States I didn’t see a realistic way to get there. Living and growing up in Puerto Rico I didn’t receive the best education and never got the chance to take art classes that would take me to the next level. I also wasn’t exposed to the possibility of being able to major in something relating to art as it just wasn’t seen as a viable profession. However, once I moved here that perception completely changed. Since moving here I have pursued my path in becoming a professional artist and it has had its ups and downs but ultimately had led me to being a graphic design student.

What are some of the challenges you faced when pursuing your education?

Having not been born or raised in the United States I haven’t been able to have the same opportunities or experiences as my peers and friends. Once I moved to the States I was able to see a clearer path in pursuing my education in becoming a professional artist. Coming here has made more resources and tools accessible for me to be able to pursue an education that was worthwhile. But even though I had a better chance at getting there I have still been presented with many challenges. The biggest has been having to make the decision to switch my major from Animation to Graphic Design. It was a hard decision that set me back a year in my education but it also has been the best decision I’ve made. Studying Graphic Design has made me feel a rejuvenated passion for art and becoming an artist.

Concept Board Game Redesign, 2020, Digitally printed on Premium Matte Paper & constructed with Chipboard Left: Annais Delgado Sanchez, Concept Board Game Redesign, 2020, digitally printed on premium matte paper and constructed with chipboard.

What inspires you about the field of graphic design?

Graphic design is inspiring to me because of how versatile it is and how good design can enhance any practice. The field is so expansive and you can really hone in on a practice that you really enjoy or are good at. Whether that is typography, branding, environmental design, UX design, there is so much we can do and as someone who wants to get their hands dirty with all kinds of design, I appreciate that aspect. The expansiveness allows me to explore so many options as well as hone in on specificity. It inspires me to keep evolving and try new things in my practice to add to my arsenal of design capability.

What are your professional goals upon graduation?

Upon graduating my biggest goal is to travel and work abroad. I really want to expand my design sensibility outside of North American Design. I strive to work in some sort of multi-disciplinary design studio since I am really into other fields such as motion design and Illustration. Ultimately after working in the field for a bit I would like to get into teaching at a college or university. To be able to become an educator and inspire other designers to pursue their goals is something I am looking forward to in my future.