— by Jordan Cameron, Marketing & Communications Specialist
Emily Costello '19 Photography Hero Alumni Heroes! Comic book stylized graphic with Emily's headshot
Emily Costello’s Superpowers:
  1. Honesty
  2. Intuition
  3. Openness for learning


Emily Costello ’19 is a Photography alum (then called Photography and Digital Arts) who minored in Business. Today, they’re extremely busy as a photographer and digital artist based out of the greater Philadelphia area, as well as working as WXPN’s Digital Marketing Content Producer and Dot Connector Studio’s Communications and Research Associate. They find time in their schedule to hone their art practice, specializing in cinemagraphs, augmented reality (AR) and video.

Costello recalls learning how to apply creative thinking to almost any situation while attending Moore. When they graduated, Costello had no idea what they were going to end up doing. “I knew I had ample connections through my internship and at Moore itself,” they say, “but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to direct my efforts.” 

Costello interned with WHYY during their junior year at Moore, and after that experience, they realized the arts and culture sector of Philadelphia would be the best fit, so they hit the ground running and landed their first job with the Philadelphia Film Society. They have also worked with WHYY and Sentry Arts, LLC since that time.

During their time at Moore, Costello recalls professors showing them, directly and indirectly, the value of networking. “I ensured that I maintained many of the connections I made in college post-graduation to then lean on when the job search began,” they explain. “I credit this for a lot of my opportunities in my career.” 

In addition to keeping in touch with everyone you might want to work with in the future, Costello’s biggest piece of advice for Moore students is simply to enjoy it. “There’s a built-in community at college, and it’s hard to build that after graduation,” they say, “so get your work done, but don’t forget to enjoy it.”