In addition to traditional art school spaces such as painting and drawing studios, Moore College of Art & Design offers students a plethora of unique studio space options with state-of-the-art tools and equipment. These valuable resources exist throughout campus and sometimes students don’t even realize they are there until they take a specific course or elective. These are the…studio secrets. 

The most well-known and popular studio is the FabLab. This studio holds a number of digital fabrication tools and equipment such as a 3D printer, a laser cutter and engraver, a digital embroidery machine and a CNC Router (a machine that is directed by a computer to cut wood). These tools allow students to seamlessly integrate new technologies into their art practice. Many of the Moore programs utilize this space—at any given hour you might find a Fashion Design student and a Fine Arts student working side by side.

The Digital Video and 2D Animation Labs are spaces heavily used by the Animation & Game Arts program. These studios hold the latest technologies for digital art creation. High in demand are the Wacom Cintiqs as well as computers equipped with Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Unity Game Engine, Unreal Game Engine, Toon Boom and ZBrush. And the labs will soon have VR equipment. 

The Photography students are often found in the Lighting Studio, which contains all the equipment necessary for any type of photoshoot imaginable. In addition, Moore has a free camera rental center, available to all students. 

One of Moore’s biggest secrets is a top-notch wet darkroom. Students are excited about this studio because it allows them to explore a medium that is both simultaneously becoming rarer and more popular. As Jim Johnson, the Photography program’s department chair, said, “Students love experiencing the alchemy that occurs in the darkroom.” While most college campuses are doing away with their darkrooms, Moore is committed to providing this space to students.

There are amazing studios that live in the basement of the college, which is a surprise to many students. You’ll find a large-scale Print Center, a woodshop, a ceramics and plaster studio and a metal and welding workshop. Students can take electives that utilize these spaces or experiment with different materials in self-directed projects.

The Materials Library is used mostly by Interior Design students but can offer any major endless inspiration. You’ll find fabric, tile and wallpaper samples.

Also, an amazing benefit of attending Moore is getting dedicated studio space as a senior to work on senior projects. At the end of the year, students hold open studios to present their work in their individual spaces. 

For a student of art, Moore has infinite possibilities. Through these amazing spaces, the college offers the opportunity for experimentation, multimedia projects, artistic growth and development, and cross-discipline collaboration.

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