Decorating one’s dorm room at college is not only a way to be comfortable and to feel at home, but a form of personal expression. This has been the case for decades at colleges and universities around the world. It is no wonder that Moore College of Art & Design students, a creative bunch to say the least, take this act one step further. 

Moore students love to consider their dorm room a blank canvas. Here are some fantastic examples of dorm decoration at Moore. 

As you can tell, students love a good music poster. In addition to inside their rooms, Moore students tend to decorate outside their rooms as well. Each dorm room has a bulletin board adjacent to the door, which is typically covered in photos, notes and personal artwork. Each floor of the residence halls has a theme, coordinated by the RAs. For example, this year there are themes such as forest mushrooms, David Hockney, funny memes and Harry Styles. If a student chooses, they can have a themed name sign on their door.

A very high percentage of Moore students choose to live on campus their first year. Living in one of the two residence halls, Sartain and Stahl, allows students to be close to class, new friends, studios and on-campus events. And, a huge perk of living on campus? FREE LAUNDRY!

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