We love games at Moore.

Video games and board games are hugely popular within the student body at Moore College of Art & Design. On any given night you might find a group of students playing Minecraft in one of the Animation & Game Arts tech studios or the fun party game Don’t Get Got in the dining hall. Many of the clubs and Resident Assistants coordinate game nights on campus and in the residence halls. There is even a PS4 hooked up in Sartain Hall’s common lounge. Students like to play World of Warcraft, Dark Souls, Hollow Knight, Animal Crossing, Breath of the Wild, and, of course, Minecraft, to name a few. 

“I would say the kind of event we have the MOST is game nights…Jackbox, Smash, Just Dance, all the classics” – Amelia Gish ‘22

Even Student Affairs recognizes the importance of games to the Moore students. For last spring’s spirit week they hosted a virtual game day where students could join the Minecraft Club’s server, design their own residence hall room and win prizes for best design.  The 2019 spirit week involved several giant Pac-man and Donkey Kong stations set up in the middle of Fox Commons.

In addition to extracurricular gaming, the Animation & Game Arts program was introduced as a BFA major at Moore in 2014 and has quickly become one of the most popular programs at the school. The department hosts a number of events throughout the year including Game Changers: Women in Animation and Games, a panel discussion featuring women who work in the industry.

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