— by Shakeyia N. Kersey, Director of the Locks Career Center
Group photo of the 2021 Fellowship recipients

The Locks Career Center, along with Moore’s Advancement Office and Student Affairs Team, administered a collaborative Fall Fellowship Awardee Presentation and Information Session for the Moore community on Thursday, December 2, 2021. The information session included presentations from our 2021 fellowship winners, and an opportunity to share their accomplishments with students and donors. The collaborative effort also provided students with details regarding how to apply for fellowship opportunities and the various ways that students are using fellowships during their academic careers. 

Fellowship opportunities are open to Moore’s sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students, either individually or in pairs, can take advantage of these financial opportunities in order to embark on special experiences relating to their overall professional and artistic goals. Student winners submitted preliminary and final applications, and presented their goals to a panel of judges comprising external and internal constituents of the college.  

Moore awards over $40,000 each year for competitive student fellowships. The 2021 student fellowships included domestic and international student travel for research, internships and various professional development experiences. A list of Moore’s 2021 fellowship opportunities and recipients are provided below.   


Fellowship Opportunities

● Happy Fernandez Leadership Prize

● Marion Locks Senior Award

● Penny Fox Internship Fellowship

● Tiffany and Co. Leadership Fellowship

● Travel Fellowship


2021 Fellowship Winners

● Kendall Lowinger & Merci Elliott, Happy Fernandez Women’s Leadership Fellowship

● Natasha Canavarro, Harriet Sartain Travel Fellowship

● Annais Delgado-Sanchez, Penny Fox Internship Fellowship Award

● Shannon Ferrari, Penny Fox Internship Fellowship Award

● Kendall Lowinger, Penny Fox Internship Fellowship Award

● Emily Morton, Penny Fox Internship Fellowship Award

● Samantha Williams, Penny Fox Internship Fellowship Award

● Lily Feinstein, Sarah Peter Travel Fellowship

● Tara Pemba & Wah Wah Paw, Sis Grenald International Travel Fellowship

● Fina Grimes, The Harriet Glashofer Jolles Memorial Prize in Fine Arts 2020

● Haley Pattinson, Tiffany & Co. Leadership Fellowship

● Lily Feinstein, The Frieda Fehrenbacher International Travel Fellowship

● Laila Islam, The Anna Russell Jones Award

● Christine Moore, The Anna Russell Jones Award