Students choose Moore so they can work closely with our award-winning faculty. They learn from and collaborate with visiting artists through The Galleries at Moore and become part of Philadelphia's active and vibrant creative community. In this personalized environment, we open pathways for truly exceptional careers in art, design and arts education. 

"I've fallen in love with the community at Moore. Having a smaller number of students allows for more meaningful interaction with professors and peers." 


—CARLY WATERS '23, Illustration 

It's easy to design your own path at Moore. In addition to choosing your major and maybe a minor, too, you'll be pursuing individualized experiences—everything from the clubs you join to the summer internship you pursue, and maybe even the global travel opportunities you discover. You'll have tons of public programs and events to attend—so many that you can pick and choose what interests you, from performance art to poetry readings and wellness workshops. Our Student Affairs team also produces annual events that provide students with additional outlets for creativity outside of the classroom—like the Halloween lunch, where students create their own costumes and compete for prizes!

Along the way, you'll receive one-on-one, personalized mentorship from Moore's Student Affairs staff and your faculty, thanks to our 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio. The city of Philadelphia is also right at your fingertips, with countless paths for exploration. No single student journey is ever quite the same as another.