When Nov 15 6:00 PM
Location The Galleries' Atrium

What's your sign? It may be more complicated than you think! No matter your level of astrological literacy, we invite you to explore the use of this practice as a tool for achieving self-awareness and understanding. Join us from 6 - 8 pm on Monday, November 15 in the Atrium.

Philadelphia-based astrologer Lauren McBride will serve as our guide, helping you discover the significance of your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs—the three elements that comprise your astrological signature. We will discuss what these elements mean to you and how they influence your interpersonal relationships.

Host of the Galaxy Grillz podcast, Lauren McBride has spent over 10 years building her practice and has been reading professionally since 2012. She loves how astrology enables her to better understand others, and in turn, empowers people to better understand themselves.